Become a Content Creation Boss by Embracing These 5 Habits

Research reveals that 90 percent of companies today are making content marketing part of their strategy to attract new business. However, just because more companies are producing content doesn’t mean that the content they create is high-quality and compelling.
So what does it take to become to become a content creation “boss” and really excel at producing content that resonates with your audience? Before you get caught up with content marketing best practices, you should know that the art of creating great content starts before you even strike the keyboard.

Here are five habits of highly effective content creators:

1. Stay in-tune with industry-related news.
You need to stay in-the-loop with the latest news in your industry in order to produce meaningful content. Bookmark online news sources relevant to your industry and refer to them daily. Set up Google Alerts for industry specific keywords. Create a Twitter list for influencers in your industry and pay attention to what they’re saying. Staying informed will help you to best understand your target audience’s present mindset and serve them with value-added content.

2. Write on a regular basis.
You’ve heard the expression that practice makes perfect. The more often you write, the better the writer that you’ll become. Even if you’re not in the right mindset to sit down and write an article, jotting some words down could inspire ideas for later.

3. Offer your own opinion when sharing others’ content.
There’s so much great content floating around on the internet that offers value to your audience. Rather than simply sharing the articles, offer your own perspective. Providing additional information that your audience will find useful will help to position you as an authority in your industry.

4. Never stop networking.
Meeting new people will inspire and encourage you to think in different ways. Be open to hearing other people’s’ ideas and take them into consideration alongside your own. Follow industry thought leaders on social media and attend industry conferences to connect with others that have a shared passion.

5. Be curious.
In order to be good at content creation, you need to be curious. Don’t be afraid to question the status quo and play devil’s advocate. This will help you to think more critically when consuming content and provide you with useful insight when writing content from your own perspective.

While marketers are under a lot of pressure to create more content, be sure to prioritize quality over quantity. Elevate your content creation strategy by taking these five habits of strong content marketers into account.

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