Be Honest: Is Your Plastic Surgeon Marketing Scaring Away Customers?

Published on March 4, 2020
It takes potential clients a long time to decide to visit a plastic surgeon. Even the choice to contact you for more information can be years in the making. With that in mind, marketing for plastic surgeons needs to strike the right chord. Clients want to feel like they’re in control of the process and supported every step of the way.
Unfortunately, plastic surgeon marketing can turn into an afterthought in the hectic day-to-day of running a practice. Despite spending tens of thousands of dollars on equipment, some cosmetic surgeons still have a website made by a friend or family member–or whoever happened to be available.

And sometimes, those self-made sites can be really scary!

Your customers are alert to warning signs that you’re anything less than the best. That means they’re sensitive to issues with your website’s design, layout, tone, and content you might not notice.

In this post, we’ll delve into what they’re thinking and how to woo them.

4 Ways To Make Your Plastic Surgeon Site Design More Welcoming

1. Add More Photos – Including “Before And After”
Today’s customers are getting more averse to stock photos – and that’s especially true of plastic surgeons. After all, the people who visit you want to improve their appearance.

If you’re using stock photos instead of pictures of your own staff, equipment, and state of the art office, it can easily leave casual visitors wondering if you have something to hide.

Incorporate photos naturally into your layout for the most appeal. If you’ve got a really snazzy office, consider going one step further with a virtual tour where users get a panoramic view.

Naturally, the most compelling photos on the website are your client “before and after” shots. Be sure these are taken in good lighting and on professional equipment from comparable angles. A one-page photo gallery makes it easy for visitors to browse your success stories.

2. Put Up A “Meet the Doctor” Page
In any industry, customers have to know and like you before they trust you. Cosmetic surgeons have an even steeper climb: Clients want rapport, even more than with their primary care doctor.

A “Meet the Doctor” page shows attention to detail and respect for your future clients. Without it, they’re prone to get nervous about who does the procedures and whether they’re qualified.

Luckily, it’s easy to make this one of the most powerful lead-generating pages on your website.

Video is the key. A video between 1-3 minutes is short enough to hold attention but long enough to give a genuine sense of who you are. Follow this with plenty of ways to schedule a personal consultation: Ideally, leads should be able to request a consultation right from your website.

3. Refresh The Way You Describe Your Procedures
Take a close look at your website’s content. Do your procedures sound safe? Does your blog emphasize benefits and advantages of your services or is the tone – forgive the term – clinical?

Clients can overestimate the risk of procedures, even nonsurgical ones. Whenever there’s no recovery time and minimal risk of side effects, be sure they can see this information at a glance.

Be cautious about describing the details of surgical procedures step by step. While you don’t want to mislead clients, some details are better shifted to a follow-up email or the office visit.

Don’t forget to emphasize personal attention from the surgeon whenever you can. Be sure clients understand any procedures you don’t perform yourself are still supervised by medical experts.

4. Make Sure The Mobile Experience Is On Point
A surprising number of your future clients will check out your site on a smartphone.

In 2018, about 52% of online traffic came from mobile. No surprise that number is continuing to climb, now well over 70%. Back in 2009, it was less than 1%. By decade’s end, who knows?

Whatever the future holds, mobile will be a big (and growing!) part of it. Every feature of your website, no matter how snappy it looks on desktop, needs to render just as beautifully on mobile.

Luckily, there’s a solution. Responsive websites automatically adjust to the display size and input devices of the visitor. Not only do visitors see it all with crystal clarity, but they can navigate your website’s content more easily.

It won’t hurt your plastic surgeon marketing, either: Mobile-friendly websites tend to appear higher in Google search. They’ve even created a free tool to know if your site measures up. Try out the Google Mobile-Friendly Test for some pointers.

Make The Right Impression Every Time With Expert Digital Marketing
Sure, looking up digital marketing tips for plastic surgeons will get you started. But if you want consistent, memorable marketing that always hits the right notes? That’s where we come in.

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