Avoid Using These 5 Colors in Website Design

Color plays such an important role in that we that we perceive brands.

Think about some of your favorite brands and how the colors used in their logo design help to compliment each brand’s message. The green Starbucks logo helps to connect the feelings of growth, freshness, and prosperity with the brand. The red and yellow colors in the McDonald’s logo are used to trigger hunger, speed, and happiness.

As you can see, color can greatly influence the emotions that consumers feel about a brand and helps to generate interest and increase trust.

The importance of your choice in color goes beyond logo design. Considering that your website is often the first interaction that you have with prospective customers, incorporating colors into your website design that best portray your brand and message is just as crucial.

While you hear a lot about the best colors to use for marketing, there are also several that you should make a point to avoid. Creative Market recently put together an infographic that shares some of the worst color choices for website design, and here are some of the biggest takeaways:

1. Pure Black
If you think about it, there is nothing that is naturally pure black on this planet. Since we don’t come across this color often, it can be mentally jarring to see this color. If it’s absolutely necessary for you to use black in website design, consider pairing it with an attractive grey that is more pleasing to the eyes.

2. The Combination of Red and Green
Aside from these two colors together signifying decorated holly and a big man in a red suit, using red and green together can make it difficult for those with color blindness to distinguish between the two colors. In addition, red and green are at opposite ends of the color wheel, meaning that they clash.

3. Light Colors on a White Background
Surprisingly, there are a number of websites that use light colors such as a soft gray text on a white background. Much of this can be attributed to the increase in header images. To help ensure that this does not happen on your website, add a darkening layer to your header images if you have a white background.

4. Too Many Bright Colors Together
If you don’t want to turn off your visitors, don’t overdo the use of bright colors on your website. Remember that you want the content on your website to be easily legible.

If you’re not sure which colors to use in website design, it’s always best to consult a professional. A website design agency is well-versed in which colors people respond to best and can help you pair these choices with your brand’s overall message.

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