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Are Your Marketing and Operations Teams on the Same Page?

Long gone is the notion that an organization’s marketing and operations teams should be treated as two different entities. The more aligned and in sync these two critical departments are, the more successful your business will be.
According to the latest research, organizations that have their marketing and operations teams working in tandem achieve 24 percent faster revenue growth and 27 percent faster profit growth when looking over a three-year period. These statistics prove that your business has nothing to lose and everything to gain by strengthening communication and alignment between your marketing and operations teams.

Signs of Disjointed Communication Between Marketing and Operations
While you may have every intention of coordinating efforts between your marketing and operations teams, this task is easier said than done. Here are some of the most common symptoms of dysfunction and poor communication between an organization’s marketing and operations teams:

  • Operations underestimates the demand for having marketing materials in stock in an effort to save costs. As a result, the sales team does not have adequate promotional materials to hand out to prospective customers.
  • Marketing accepts a new order in an effort to grow sales, but doesn’t take into account operational capacity and ability to fulfill the order.
  • Operations does not communicate new products to marketing, and therefore the new products are not promoted.

5 Steps to Get Marketing and Operations Teams In Sync
If you suspect that your marketing and operations teams are out of alignment, you’re probably right. Here are five important steps that your business needs to take to help your marketing and operations teams work together to achieve the same goals:

Step 1: Discuss Your Target Audience
Your business will greatly benefit by pulling your marketing and operations teams into the same room to chat about your target audience. This conversation about your company’s target buyer personas can provide some key insights to both teams to help your organization bring more sales across the finish line.

Step 2: Align Your Messaging
Both your marketing and operations teams need to be aware of the types of content that resonate with your audience so that you can align your messaging accordingly. Both teams need to be cognizant of the themes and tonality that your organization wants to portray and be in sync with what to say, what not to say, and how they say it.

Step 3: Determine a Plan of Action for Lead Management
Coordinating and nurturing leads is crucial for an organization to be effective at earning new business, and this process is best accomplished when marketing and operations are working in harmony. The two departments need to be on the same page about what makes a qualified lead and how these leads should move through your sales funnel.

Step 4: Use Common Metrics to Unite
If your marketing and operations teams truly are united, they’re working together towards common goals. Define which metrics your organization will use together to measure success. Using common metrics as a basis for success will help to keep all departments within your organization in sync.

Step 5: Connect on a Regular Basis
It’s critical that your marketing and operations team connect on a regular basis to ensure full integration. While a face-to-face meeting is not always necessary (or may not alway be feasible), a quick conference call or monthly get-together with your marketing and operations teams to keep the conversation flowing will make your organization more likely to succeed.

If you follow these five steps, you’ll be well on your way to getting your marketing and operations departments on the same page. To be successful in today’s competitive environment, it’s imperative that you get the departments within your organization to coordinate seamlessly and work together towards a common goal. Whether you have two employees or two hundred, all organizations can benefit from evaluating the way that their marketing and operations teams are working together to ensure that they’re in alignment.

How New York Ave Can Help
Our team at New York Ave prides itself in implementing a carefully coordinated marketing and design strategy for each of our clients. When you choose to partner with us for your digital marketing needs, we coordinate seamlessly with your organization to help you to best tell your brand’s story. We want to enable you to engage your customers on a relevant and personal level, which is why we take the time to understand your business and what you want to accomplish.

If you want to be successful in 2018 and going forward, you need to start the conversation about aligning your marketing and operations teams. The sooner you can have these two critical departments within your organization working together collaboratively to achieve shared goals, the faster you’ll experience results.

Contact us at New York Ave to learn more about how we can help get the various departments in your company on the same page so that you can excel with your digital marketing strategy.

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