Are You Nurturing Your Leads with Email Marketing?

If you want to increase your conversion rate and earn more closed business, you absolutely must focus on lead nurturing. To be able to master lead nurturing, you must develop relationships with your prospective customers at each stage in your sales funnel. This means listening to your prospects, being aware of what their specific needs are at each point in your buyer’s journey, and serving them with relevant content at the right time.
Too Many Businesses Aren’t Taking the Time to Nurture Leads
While most businesses understand that they need to focus on lead nurturing, few follow through with it or have a clear game plan in place for approaching it. Research shows that 80 percent of new leads don’t turn into closed business. However, businesses that run effective lead nurturing campaigns generate 50 percent more sales-ready leads. Another benefit to nurturing leads is that they’re 47 percent more likely to make larger purchases than leads that have not been nurtured.

Thanks to the internet, we’re dealing with a buyer-driven marketplace. Consumers have access to more information than ever to perform research and make purchase decisions. Email marketing provides your business with a powerful way to nurture your leads with relevant content and ensure that they stay engaged throughout the buyer’s journey.

Components of an Effective Email Nurturing Campaign
While most businesses today are using email marketing to stay in contact with existing and prospective customers, few are leveraging this outlet effectively to nurture leads through the sales funnel. If you want to run an email nurturing campaign that produces results for your business, you need to take into account the following best practices:

1. Define who your target customer is.
If your business offers several different verticals, you will likely have multiple buyer personas. With each buyer persona, ask yourself who your customer is, what are his or her primary pain points, what does he or she value, what are his or her goals, what are his or her objections, and what solutions is he or she looking for. Take the time to write out each buyer persona so that you can have a clear understanding of who you will be targeting with your email nurturing campaign.

2. Teach your lead something new.
Once you define who you’re trying to reach with your email campaign and where they are in the buyer’s journey, you can create content that will educate your leads further about a topic that they’ve already expressed an interest in. Great educational content to share in lead nurturing campaigns include how-to videos, data, and quick reference guides.

Keep in mind that your leads have signed up to receive your emails for a reason–they’re seeking more information to solve in issue they’re dealing with. Serving your leads with relevant content and a strong call-to-action is what you need to move them through your sales funnel.

3. Keep emails short and sweet.
You have a lot of valuable information to pass along to your prospective customers, so it can be tempting to be wordy with your emails. However, research shows that keeping your emails short and sweet will help you generate a better ROI with your email nurturing campaign. Having a carefully curated email marketing campaign will prevent you from giving your leads an overwhelming amount of information and instead allow you to pass along small nuggets of useful information at a time.

4. Offer some variety.
The goal of your lead nurturing campaign is to provide a progression of content that gets more personal with each email. So, at the start of your campaign, you may offer some education or comparison guides. However, as your leads move through the campaign, the emails will align with the later stages in the buyer’s journey and include content such as customer testimonials and free downloads.

5. Always score your leads.
To be able to run an effective lead nurturing campaign, you need to be regularly scoring your leads. By scoring your leads, you’ll be able to pinpoint where each lead stands in your buyer’s journey. Being cognizant of the status of leads in your sales funnel will allow you to serve them with the right content at the right time. Analytics tools allow you to easily track your leads’ online behavior to determine how interested they are in taking the next step with your business.

Email marketing is one of your best tools for building relationships with prospective customers; however, very few businesses are able to use email effectively. Using email to create and manage successful lead nurturing campaigns is one of the many ways that our team at New York Ave can help you realize a positive ROI from your digital marketing efforts. We pair our creative ability with our knowledge of human psychology to help our clients move more leads through the buyer’s journey with relevant email marketing content.

Contact us at New York Ave to learn more about how we can help you create and manage an effective lead nurturing campaign with email marketing.

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