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Are You Creating Authentic Digital Connections With Your Customers?

Thanks to the internet and the widespread adoption of digital communication tools such as social media, businesses have fewer opportunities to have a genuine face-to-face conversation with customers. Given the convenience factor, more consumers are choosing to make purchases online. In fact, there’s a very good chance that the only interaction a customer will have with your business is through your website.
Despite that we’re living in a digital-heavy world, consumers still crave a personal connection with brands. No matter how well you craft an online marketing campaign, a word-of-mouth recommendation from a trusted friend will often trump your marketing efforts. So this begs the question, how can your business create authentic digital connections with your customers?

The Growing Dependence On Digital Devices is to Blame for the Decline in Human Interaction
In addition to the growing dependence on digital technology, today’s consumers are becoming increasingly distant. Several decades ago, people wanted to live within close proximity to each other and thrived on the comradery that came from participation in local civic groups and clubs. Yes, there are still people today that want this lifestyle; however, there is a noticeable decline in civic participation and increase in the number of people that want to distance themselves from their neighbors. This tear in the social fabric of society makes it more difficult for brands to socialize and form meaningful connections with consumers.

Much of the decline in socialization and human interaction can be related to the growing dependence on digital devices. It’s not unusual to walk into a restaurant and see a couple sitting at a table together, yet consumed with their mobile devices. While sharing a meal together was once viewed as sacred face-to-face time, having digital devices at the table takes away from this quality relationship-building time.

How Can Your Business Create an Authentic Digital Connection With Your Target Audience?
Trying to create a warm and personal message that is communicated to your customers on a cold, digital device is no easy task. It’s important to recognize that while consumers appreciate the convenience that technology offers, it also gives them a sense of anxiety. Brands that acknowledge this are able to effectively use technology to create a compelling message that resonates with their customers without tapping into the anxiety factor associated with technology.

JetBlue is a great example of a big brand that is able to create an authentic digital connection with its target audience. This airline understands that many of its customers feel alienated by the impersonal process of taking commercial flights and has created a marketing campaign to position JetBlue as the more humanistic alternative to flying.

The financial sector is another industry that has become depersonalized in recent years due to consumer preference for ATMs and online banking. In an effort to relate to customers and create a more humanized experience, many banks are turning to social media and email marketing to run campaigns that tap into consumer pain points and offer solutions to alleviate stress.

As our society continues to become more dependent on digital technology, we risk losing that human connection. As more brands travel down the road to cold and impersonal marketing, your business has an opportunity to shine by taking an authentic and personal approach to marketing. By making a conscious effort to close the alienation gap that often comes from dependence on technology and forge meaningful relationships with your customers, you’ll have success in building a base of loyal customers.

The Big Takeaway
In summary, if you want to give your business a competitive edge in today’s technology-dependent world, you need to focus on creating authentic digital connections. The more effective you can be with using technology to establish deep, personal bonds with your audience, the more successful you’ll be with earning the long term loyalty of your customers.

How New York Ave Can Help
Our creative-first agency at New York Ave is focused on helping our clients build personalized digital marketing strategies that make their business more memorable and relatable to their target audience. Different than other agencies, we put service above profit and details before volume.

In order to help our clients establish authentic digital connections with their audience, we first take the time to truly understand our clients and their goals. We then pair our decades of marketing experience with our knowledge of human psychology to put together effective solutions to help your business forge more meaningful connections with your target audience.

Do you think your business could benefit from re-focusing your digital marketing efforts to establish more human-like connections with your customers? If so, we can help. Contact us to learn how we can help you tap into the human element in all aspects of digital marketing, from brand development and website design to social media and email marketing.

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