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Are You A Small, Local Roofing Contractor? Use It To Your Advantage In Digital Marketing

As recently as 2018, research showed roofing is one of the best industries to get started in for small entrepreneurs. A high level of demand with strong seasonal activity attracts people to this field each year. And there’s still plenty of room to differentiate on customer service and quality, too.
However, that does lead to some challenges for even the most skilled roofing team:

* You face a crowded field with many different types and sizes of competitors
* It can be tough for new customers to tell different roofing companies apart
* You may find customers approach you for the lowest price, not the best care

Many small roofing contractors wonder how they can compete with the “big guys” out there. Depending on how close you are to a major city, you may be sparring with two or three national roofing franchises.

With the right strategy, you can still stand out. Large businesses focus on economies of scale to find customers. But they can’t be everywhere at once – and you can excel with an “artisan” approach.

Marketing Advantages Smaller Roofing Contractors Have That The Big Guys Don’t
In a good David and Goliath story, David wins, of course.

But to do it, you need to understand what advantages you bring to the table:

1. Hometown Values
A national or regional company can’t possibly know your neighborhood as well as true local roofing contractors. Customers like professionals who live where they work. You can demonstrate your full commitment to the community in ways that sound hollow coming from big brands. And you’ll attract better reviews by focusing on what your local customers really care about.

2. A Respect For Your Customers
One of the biggest complaints about roofing contractors has little to do with the quality of the roof. New customers might worry that you’ll show up late or not at all, stay later than expected, or apply “hidden fees” that make their bills bigger than planned. Respecting customers and their property can go a long way and simply sounds more authentic when it is part of a neighborhood brand’s promise.

3. Long-Term Customer Relationships
No matter how many times you go to the big guys, you’ll be lucky to get any discounts. When a deal is available, it’s usually determined by incentives a roofing manufacturer provides. On the other hand, a smaller team of roofing contractors can get to know customers. That means not only looking for ways they can save more money, but learning to recognize their needs and always being there to advise.

4. Focus On Quality
It’s much easier to keep a team of five, ten, or 20 roofing contractors “in the know” than a team of hundreds spanning several states. Most large roofing brands contract work out to others, so there’s nothing to guarantee quality from one project to the next. Customers can get a lot of peace of mind from knowing that whoever shows up to their home is qualified with the right skills and equipment.

Building A Digital Marketing Strategy To Put You Eye To Eye With The Big Roofers
There’s a lot that distinguishes small roofing contractors from giant, faceless brands.

So, how do you communicate it all?

You need to have the right digital marketing for roofers in place so you can tell prospective customers who you are and what you do in a way that isn’t disruptive.

That is, customers should still get a sense for the benefits you offer while they stay focused on the questions or problems that matter most to them.

When a family has a roof leak, they’re not going to stop to read a ten-page brochure about the history of your business. But they can still get the picture when you use today’s best digital marketing techniques.

Here’s a quick sample:

1. Write Content Targeted To Your Local Customers
Every home needs a roof, but not every roof faces the same challenges. You know better than anyone what causes roofing systems in your area to degrade. Expert advice on roof longevity shared through your blog and social media accounts will draw leads to you and foster trust.

2. Use Video Storytelling To Humanize Your Team
Video is the next best thing to meeting in person. Video storytelling can communicate the history of your business in less than two minutes. Website visitors find it easier to remember what you tell them through video and they are more likely to be comfortable buying from you.

3. Implement Advertising Based On Seasonal Market Rhythms
Targeted advertising on platforms like Facebook can connect with customers exactly when they are thinking about roofing and other home improvement topics. Advertising is terrific for driving interest around metal roofing, solar panels, and other optional upgrades leads may be considering.

4. Spotlight Your Case Studies, Reviews, And Testimonials
People check out reviews for roofing contractors every day. While you can’t control what people say on third party websites, you have a golden opportunity on your own website, social media, and email. Glowing reviews from real people help convince leads that you care about customers just like them.

5. Go Deep Into Your Roofer Bona Fides
Not everyone will double-check credentials for roofing contractors, but some may. Be sure you have all the information about your certifications, manufacturer affiliations, and insurance laid out where your website visitors can find it. This is essential to proving you stand by your work!

When it comes to roofing contractors, size isn’t everything. The relatively limited geography where most roofers work means you can compete online and strengthen your branding against the big competitors.

New York Ave knows roofing contractors. Our marketing team will help you stand out in your market at any size. To learn more, contact us.

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