Affordable Web Development Resources You Need to Know About

Are you in the process of creating your own website? Or maybe you’re developing your first landing page and need some guidance.

Anyone that’s new to web development is bound to run into some questions, such as where are the best places to get quality images or which colors should be incorporated into the website’s design.

You’ll find that there are a number of economical solutions to help you build your own website. However, are the upfront cost savings really worth it or would you rather get your website right the first time by partnering with a web development agency?

The decision is completely up to you. Regardless of which route you choose, here are several affordable web development resources that you need to know about:

ImagesThe images that you include on your website are not only a direct reflection of your brand, but can help to captivate your audience as well. These images should be high quality and not appear to be generic stock photos.

Here are several economical resources for images (and some of them are even free):

Choosing the right colors for your website design is critical as they can provoke certain emotions and create a particular mood.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about which colors to incorporate into your website’s design, you can turn to a free resource like ColourLovers. This website is a forum where people from around the world share and discuss colors, palettes, patterns, and more. You can use ColourLovers to search for these trends specifically in regards to website design for inspiration.

Image Editors
If you’re going to incorporate your own images into your website’s design, you’ll want to be sure they are premium quality. With so many great photo editing tools available today, you have no excuse to not use professional quality images. is considered to be a favorite editing tool for many as it’s easy to use and offers fast photo processing. Considering the number of photos that people snap from smartphones, you should know that also offers a mobile version.

As you will soon learn, there are so many moving parts with the web development process. To help keep you on task, take advantage of a free project management tool like Trello, which allows you to display all of the ins and outs of a project at one glance. This tool is especially helpful if you will be involving other people in the web development process as it can be globally accessed to allow for commenting, sharing, adding attachments, and prioritizing.

While we’re just skimming the surface on what it takes to create your own website, these affordable web development resources will hopefully help you to get the process started. And, remember, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you always have the option to outsource to a web development agency.

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