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A Crash Course On Video Storytelling For Pest Control Companies

If you’ve read about digital marketing, you’ve seen it said over and over that video is one of your most powerful tools. That’s great for companies with a product or service they can easily show off – but how does it fit into pest control marketing?
First off, why it matters:

  • Video can boost social media shares by more than 1000%
  • Adding video to a landing page makes it 80% more effective
  • People are much more likely to remember video than text

Long story short, video works. It raises return on investment from your other digital marketing, especially your blog. But using video for pest control marketing takes creativity and strategy.

Traditional videos showing off your product are out. “Behind the scenes” smartphone videos also tend to fall flat. But you can capture attention by using your videos to tell a story to your leads.

Consider these options:

1. Record Live Customer Testimonials
Nothing makes an impression like a customer testimonial. Customers don’t need any coaching to tell horror stories about their problems with pests – they’ve lived it. With the right equipment and a few simple questions, they’ll make a connection by being authentic.

Of course, not everyone wants to be in front of the camera. To recruit customers for video testimonials, be sure you have a follow-up process in place. Reach out only to customers who already say they would recommend your service to friends or family.

2. Show Off Damage To Homes And Property
While you shouldn’t really show pests in action, you can show the evidence – termite holes, colossal wasps’ nests, and more. This helps motivate customers who know they have an issue but want to wait for a better time to act. When it comes to pests, the best time is now!

3. Demonstrate Your Equipment And Processes
Lots of people are under the impression that pest control just means more of the same – setting traps or spraying pesticide. Demonstrations show them that you add value and do much more than they would ever want to do themselves. The big question: How do you show that?

Simple. Look for opportunities to make the ordinary a little bit extraordinary.

For example, tenting a home for fumigation is par for the course in pest control. But showing off a process like this can imbue videos with visual interest and narrative flair. Just because the situation is serious, that doesn’t mean it can’t be presented in an interesting way.

The same thing holds true for other processes and equipment you use. Pest control professionals bring detailed knowledge to everything they do, so explain and show how things actually work.

4. Use Videography To Your Advantage
Video provides plenty of ways to spice up your presentation.

Let’s say you’re showing off something that could take all day, like tenting a house. Watching the whole process unfold wouldn’t hold attention for long. Speed it up with motion capture, though, and you have footage that fully conveys the scope of the work.

Music can be effective for engaging the audience and establishing your brand. Just be careful how you use it: Nobody wants to sit through a 30-second musical score before they get to the content of your video. Delays like this can frustrate viewers.

5. Make Your Videos Accessible
Accessibility means making things easier. The more accessible your videos are, the wider your potential audience. There are two simple tools that can get you on the right track.

First: If your video is going to include dialogue, caption it.

Captions can use a stylish font and color combination to catch attention, but they also have the effect of making speech easier to follow. This can help clients who are hard of hearing or simply don’t prefer videos.

Second, place a transcript of your video on the same page where it is accessed.

A transcript can help your search engine optimization, since it expands your page with relevant text. Just as vital, though, it helps people follow along if they don’t want to stop browsing to watch every second of footage.

6. Let Leads Meet Your Team Members
The human touch is what truly makes video stand out. When leads meet your team by video, they feel confident: They know they can trust you to treat their property and project with care.

Your company’s leader or founder is the natural “star of the show.” Just a few words can set the tone and help people understand what it is about pest control that’s important to you.

If you have a larger team, including as many people as possible can be reassuring to leads. This gives the sense of a more established brand that has a history of success.

7. Don’t Forget To Make Videos Conversion-Focused
What do you want leads to do immediately after viewing your video?

In many cases, the answer is “set an appointment.” Sometimes, videos might be designed to get more people to follow you on social media, or to encourage sharing with family and friends.

Whatever the case, be sure you know your video’s goal – and express that goal in the form of a call to action. A call to action (or CTA) is a simple, direct statement of what to do next.

Out there in the YouTube universe, the most common CTA is “Like, comment, and subscribe.” That may work for a general interest video, but aim to be as precise as possible. You can embed URLs in social videos so users go to the right page as soon as they finish.

Not sure where to begin? New York Ave is your full service video storytelling agency. We have years of expertise in digital marketing for pest control companies. To get started, just contact us today.

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