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9 Instagram Accounts to Peruse for Design Inspiration

Instagram offers a collection of finely curated photos, videos, and visual content with aesthetic appeal to the max. Whether you’re browsing through the social media platform for fun or looking for design inspiration, the visual content shared on Instagram has the ability to captivate your attention for hours.
If you’re looking to give your website design a revamp, Instagram is a great resource to turn to get your creative juices flowing. The social media platform offers a variety of visual content, from graphic design and photography to pop art and typography.

The next time you need a brain break, be sure to check out these 9 inspiring Instagram accounts:

1. Steve Harrington (@s_harrington)
Steve Harrington is a designer based in Los Angeles and is known for his “psychedelic pop aesthetic.” His fans follow him on Instagram for his playful illustrations and use of vibrant colors. Many of his creations were designed for Nike, but he also designs for other big brands.

2. Rachel Ryle (@rachelryle)
The ever-creative Rachel Ryle is an illustrator, animator, and storyteller. Her Instagram account is filled with clever stop-motion videos. While these Instagram videos max out at 30 seconds in length, she recently told Mashable that each animation video takes between 15 and 20 hours to create.

3. Jamel Saliba (@melsysillustrations)
Jemel “Melsy” Saliba aspired to live the American dream when she quit her corporate job in her mid-20s and went on to pursue her passion as a fashion illustrator. While most of her sketches have a fashion theme, she also often covers friendship and love.

4. Luke Choice (@velvetspectrum)
This Australian-born graphic designer and illustrator is now living in New York City and does design work for some of the biggest brands in the world. If you browse through his Instagram feed, you’ll see his latest work, including 3D illustrations and unique typographies.

5. Jessica Walsh (@jessicawalsh)
Jessica Walsh got her start as a graphic designer when she was just 23 at Sagmeister, Inc. Two years later, the founder of the design firm asked her to become a partner. Walsh is an inspiration as both an entrepreneur and a designer. If you’re looking for material to incorporate into your new website design, her Instagram newsfeed includes a gorgeous display of her own work as well as designs from others that she respects in the industry.

6. Design Seeds (@designseeds)
Color plays a critical part in website design, and Design Seeds does a wonderful job bringing this point home. What makes this Instagram account different is that Design Seeds creates color palettes that have been inspired by images sent to them on Instagram with the #SeedsColor hashtag. Therefore, Design Seeds earns a lot of engagement on Instagram and is able to effectively show how important color schemes are to beautiful design.

7. Jaime Rojo (@bkstreetart)
Street art is growing across the globe, and Jaime Rojo is determined to photograph as much of it as possible. He’s astute to emerging trends and strives to have a worldwide conversation about how these trends are impacting art culture.

8. Hiroaki Fukuda (@hirozzzz)
A number of aspiring photographers like Hiroaki Fukuda use Instagram as a creative outlet. However, his images are so darn good that he’s earned a massive following on Instagram. He’s now a full-time “Instagrammer,” and several large companies like Nike and Christian Dior have hired him to take photos.

9. Max Wanger (@maxwanger)
This Los Angeles photographer specializes in portraits, particularly wedding photos What really stands out about his work is his beautiful use of negative space. In regards to website design, seeing Max’s work reminds us that less is often more.

Hopefully, browsing through this list of Instagram accounts to follow will put you in a creative mindset and offer some inspiration when it comes to updating your website design. The design landscape is constantly changing, and Instagram can serve a as a useful resource for staying on top of the latest trends.

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