8 Pokemon Go Stats That Reveal the Powerful Impact of This App-Based Game

We’ve talked to you about all of the hype behind Pokemon Go a few weeks ago. Since this app-based augmented reality game has been out for just over a month (released on July 6th), we thought we’d check in and see how this wildly popular game is resonating with people throughout the country.
We came across this recent infographic put together by BargainFox and were blown away about some of the Pokemon Go stats that were revealed. Here are some of the big takeaways:

  • In just 5 short days, Pokemon Go became the most popular game in mobile history, surpassing Candy Crush and Angry Birds.
  • Just 1 day after its release, Pokemon Go was installed on more Android devices than Tinder.
  • Within the first 3 weeks of its release, there were 75 million downloads of Pokemon Go.
  • Currently, 25 million people in the United States play Pokemon Go every day.
  • The average usage time is 33 minutes and 25 seconds, which is longer than the average time people spend on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Messenger.
  • Already, Pokemon Go has more daily users than Twitter.
  • While the app is free to download and play, users are able to make in-app purchases to enhance the game. Within the first 2 weeks of its launch, Pokemon Go generated $35 million in revenue.
  • Pokemon Go is known to quickly use battery life and data usage. Approximately 30 minutes of playing uses 20 percent of a phone’s battery life and 5 megabytes of data.

After hearing some of these powerful Pokemon Go stats, you may be wondering as a business owner if investing time and resources in this platform is worth your while.

Here are 3 scenarios where it could be beneficial for your business to give Pokemon Go a try:

Scenario 1: You have a brick-and-mortar business location that sells products.
In an effort to earn more foot traffic for your business, you could spend a little money to create a PokeStop at your business location where players can stop by to earn points. Ideally, these players will also patron your business as well.

Scenario 2: Your business is hosting an upcoming event.
If you want to boost attendance and engagement at your upcoming event, consider jumping on board with Pokemon Go. Be sure to advertise ahead of time that Pokemon Go will be part of your event as it may help to attract a new audience.

Scenario 3: You want to improve your reputation with Millennials.
If Millennials are a big part of your client base, incorporating Pokemon Go into your marketing efforts can help you to better connect with this audience as the bulk of players fall into this generation.

With such an enormous response to the release of Pokemon Go after such a short period of time, it’s safe to say that this app-based game isn’t going anywhere any time soon. It will be interesting to see some of the unique ways that businesses use this game to create awareness and drive sales.

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