7 Ways to Instantly Give the Quality of Your Content a Boost

If you’re looking for solutions to enhance your content creation strategy in 2016, quality needs to be at the top of your list. With so much noise on the internet to compete with, you can set yourself apart and grab your audience’s attention by consistently publishing high quality content that delivers value.
In addition, search engines are becoming smarter and more efficient at sniffing out poor quality content. This is clearly evident if you take a look at Google’s recent updates to its search algorithm, which reveal that quality, relevance, and value are key qualities that content must have to earn a high ranking.

While quality may be your main objective when sitting down to write content, it can sometimes be challenging to put this goal into fruition.

If you’re struggling to create quality content that your audience genuinely wants to read and share, take advantage of these 7 tips to instantly give the quality of your content a boost:

1. Get buy-in from your readers by opening with a question that makes them answer “yes.”
By opening your content with a question that makes your readers answer “yes,” you’ll immediately build a connection with them. You’ll demonstrate that you truly understand your audience and know exactly what they’re going through.

Continuing to make true and accurate statements throughout your article that relate to your question will keeping your audience engaged and ultimately help bring them in harmony with your message.

2. Limit your paragraphs to 2 or 3 sentences.
When too much text is lumped together, your audience may feel intimidated to read the article or simply lose interest.

Therefore, make a point to hit “enter” after every 2 or 3 sentences to incorporate whitespace in your content. This will make your content easier for your audience to scan and digest.

3. Use bullet points to emphasize key information.
Making your content easy to read should always be a priority. By using bullet points for key information and takeaways, you’ll keep your text organized and make it easier for your readers to digest. Plus, you’ll be putting the benefits of your article front and center.

4. Start sentences with words like “remember” or “imagine.”
These are trigger words for telling your audience that you’re about to tell a story or take them down memory lane, and people love this stuff. It makes them eager to hear what you’re about to tell them and creates an element of suspense.

5. Use the word “because.”
Your readers want to hear your justification for making a statement, and the word “because” is the perfect trigger word for this. Use the word “because” frequently in your content to help encourage your readers to nod their heads in agreement with your statements.

6. Write in the second person.
If you want to make your content more relatable, use pronouns like “you,” “your,” and “yours” to help your audience better identify with what you’re saying. It’s an effective way to build a connection with your audience on a more intimate level.

7. Use a call-to-value rather than a call-to-action.
Yes, you want your call-to-action to be clear, bold, and urgent, but you also want to make it clear that your reader will get true value from taking action. By including the benefits that your audience will realize by clicking on your offer, you’ll create a call-to-value.

There’s certainly nothing easy about creating quality content. However, give these 7 tactics a try to create value-added content that your audience genuinely wants to read.

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