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7 Ways to Extend the Reach of Your Content

You spend hours creating a quality piece of content. This is why strategic planning for the distribution of your content is critical as you want to make it go as far as possible. Simply sharing content on Facebook and Twitter will not cut it anymore.
To be progressive with your content marketing strategy, you need to think beyond social media and look for additional ways to distribute content. Here are seven content distribution tactics to extend your reach and achieve greater brand awareness:

1. Personalized emails
We talk a lot about email marketing and how this content distribution channel is still one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. By adding a level of personalization to your message, you’re setting yourself up for a higher open rate. In fact, personalized email messages have a 6.2 percent higher open rate than non-personalized emails.

As a best practice, segment your email list to the audience that would benefit most from the piece of content that you’re sharing. To personalize your email, create a custom message that explains what the content is and why the reader would enjoy it.

2. Guest posts
Publishing a guest post on an influencer or business partner’s blog is an effective content marketing tactic to get your company in front of a larger audience. To promote a piece of content that you’ve recently written, create a non-pushy guest post that outlines key takeaways from your article or ebook and demonstrates value. Share this guest post with editors of online publications that reach your target audience in hope that your guest post will be published.

3. Influencers
When writing an article, reach out to industry influencers and ask them for a relevant quote. Once the article is written, share it with influencers so that they can share it with their own networks. When a person’s quote is featured in an article, he or she will be more likely to share it.

4. Lead interviews
You know who your hottest leads are. By interviewing a prospect for an article and including his or her quotes in the piece of content, you’ll keep your prospect engaged. Your prospect will also appreciate the opportunity to be featured in your article and will be more likely to share it with his or her network, which will help to increase brand awareness.

5. Data references
When putting together a proposal for a prospective client, it’s a best practice to include relevant data to support what you’re recommending for the client. While you’ll want to include a variety of credible sources in your proposal, you should also reference your own research content. This will demonstrate to prospective clients that your company is well-versed in a particular area. It also provides you with another opportunity to distribute your work.

6. Email signatures
Did you know that you can feature your content in your email signature? If you have a cornerstone piece of content that you want to promote, include it in your email signature to encourage your recipients to read it. Another powerful content marketing tactic is to have your team members also include your company’s content in their email signatures to keep your brand top of mind with your clients and prospects.

7. Content-rich job listings
An out-of-the-box way to distribute content is to include a link to a relevant piece of content in every job listing. Providing this educational information will give candidates a better feel for your company and its unique perspective on the industry.

As you can see, there are many ways to extend the reach of your content beyond social media. It’s critical that you make distribution a priority in your content marketing strategy to help your published articles work for your business, reach the right audiences, and deliver results.

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