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7 Ways For Roofing Contractors To Add Pizazz To Social Media And Raise Engagement

If you’ve been trying to figure out digital marketing for roofing contractors, you’ve probably heard the term engagement. Likes and shares are major measures of engagement: They demonstrate your social media audience enjoys and uses the content you provide.
For lead generation, engagement isn’t the most important metric. But it has a place: Building relationships and keeping them going, both before and after the sale. Higher engagement means past customers are more likely to come back later.

And it’s much cheaper to market to customers you already have.

New customer acquisition costs about five times more than customer retention.

Coupled with email marketing and other relationship-focused approaches, social media helps you raise lifetime customer value. That can mean the difference between making just one quick roof repair sale versus replacing a home’s roof 2-3 times over the course of the mortgage.

But engagement can be a fickle thing, especially for roofing contractors.

The average person doesn’t think much about the roof until it springs a leak.

How can you pique their interest and hold their attention?

These methods can turn roofing contractors into social media stars:

1. Get Your Audience Interested In The Latest Roofing Trends
Companies like GAF and CertainTeed – the same brands you trust to manufacture quality roofing systems – offer plenty of cutting-edge content on the latest in roofing. By adding your own spin on this, you can show customers a side of roofing that’s relevant to them right now.

For example, shingle company Owens Corning releases an annual Shingle Color of the Year. The color for 2020 is Pacific Wave, a vibrant medium blue that recalls sand and surf. Showing off the incredible artistry and versatility of the shingle can get your followers excited for a home refresh.

2. Compare New And Existing Roofing Materials And Styles
Lots of roofing contractors around the country have found their phones ringing off the hook thanks to residential metal roofing. No matter what roofing systems and technologies you prefer, highlighting the important differences is a first step toward getting customers to upgrade.

Outside the industry, many people don’t realize that roofing is constantly changing. Roofing contractors have the unique opportunity to bring that world to consumers’ doorsteps with customer-facing content that’s better than what they would ever get directly from the manufacturer.

3. Show Customers How Updating Now Helps Them Financially
Homeowners often think of the roof as a “cost center” – it fails, they pay – but they don’t consider how they can save money. To cite just one idea, roofing contractors in Florida can entice new business by showing how the latest synthetic underlayment helps homeowners get more wind mitigation credits.

The right approach will vary based on your local market. If the housing market is hot where you are, the draw for a new roof may be a better asking price. If utility costs are going up, then monthly savings in a home’s cost of ownership are relevant. And, of course, there may be state tax incentives or rebates.

4. Keep Your Social Media Followers Updated When Conditions Change
One thing 2020 has taught us is that things can change – seemingly overnight. While history-making events are (thankfully!) rare, roofing contractors might have times when it’s wise to get followers the latest roof safety news: During fire season and when big storms are inbound, among others.

Let followers know when they should keep their eyes peeled for unusual roofing risks. Once they know what steps to take, they’ll see you were there when they needed you. This is also a terrific way to get more homeowners on your schedule for a roof inspection, which might otherwise get put off.

5. Protect Your Followers From Fake Roofing Contractors And Other Scams
Roofing scams are so common in some areas that state legislatures are fighting back with higher standards and consumer protections. Efforts like this take a long time and face lots of setbacks – and that’s where honest roofing contractors like you come in to pick up the slack.

Remember, if it’s the busy season for you, it’s also the busy season for roofing scammers.

While you can’t keep everyone from falling for fake roofing contractors, we recommend sharing content to help customers spot them. Modern website design helps customers recognize that you are who you say you are, showcasing your professional credentials and reputation in the community.

6. Offer Some Judicious DIY Content … But Not Too Much
Make a distinction between what roofing tasks your customers can do at home and what they need real professional roofing contractors for – and then stick with it!

Lots of roofing contractors advise clients that they should never get up on the roof. A quick roof inspection can be performed at ground level or with the aid of binoculars.

Wherever you draw the line, make sure your content reflects it. Ending a DIY article with details on when professional help is a must can get you more calls over time.

Every DIY article you post can get shares on social media and increase your reach in search. But remember that these articles appeal to an audience that might be less inclined to give you a call.

7. Remind Social Media Users About Important Deadlines
Social media isn’t just a broadcast medium: It can also start conversations.

In fact, this may be the most powerful way for small businesses to use it.

If you’re already somebody’s local roofing contractor, you know how old their roof is, when it last had an issue, and how long their roof warranty lasts. A quick reminder when they’re due for an inspection or about to lose coverage can result in a small, but meaningful roofing project.

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