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7 Types of Emails Your Business Should Be Sending

Regardless of what you’ve heard, email marketing is most certainly not dead. In fact, it’s arguably the most effective way to reach your audience digitally and cost effectively considering that the vast majority of consumers have an email address.
With that being said, we wanted to share 7 types of emails that your business should be sending to help you take your email marketing strategy up to a new level of effectiveness:

1. Promotional Email
The purpose of this type of email is to promote a product or service that your business is offering. These emails are brief in nature and are generally easy to write. To succeed with a promotional email, you’ll want to make your message clear and create a sense of urgency.

2. New Inventory Email
If your business adds new seasonal items (think fashion and retail industries), you’ll really benefit from sending this type of email. A new inventory email is to alert customers of your newest additions in hope of motivating a sale. To make sending this type of email most effective, be sure to include a killer picture of the new product and a captivating subject line.

3. Newsletter Email
Sending out a regular newsletter is one of your most powerful email marketing tactics, and your customers appreciate it because they are staying in tune with important industry-related news and updates about your business. Your newsletter does not have to be long. You’ll be most successful if you break the content into brief, easy-to-digest sections and use good design (think whitespace). ALWAYS include your contact information in your newsletter email.

4. Welcome Email
We just wrote an entire blog post on how to write a welcome email, so be sure to check it out. The purpose of this type of email is to welcome new subscribers and establish a relationship with them. Use a conversational tone, remind your new subscribers of the benefits of choosing to receive email updates from your business, and consider offering a new subscriber discount, such as 10 percent off of their next purchase.

5. Product Advice Email
This type of email will offer valuable advice and tips for best using your brand’s product. Basically, your goal should be to lend a helping hand and address any issues or obstacles that your customers may be facing. The core purpose of this email is customer service.

6. Educational Email
One of the biggest reasons why consumers choose to subscribe to a brand’s email list in the first place is for the education factor. These consumers have already expressed an interest in your business and industry and want to stay informed and learn something valuable. As a best practice, offer “bite-sized” nuggets of information and let your audience decide if they want to click on a link to learn more. An educational email is also a great opportunity to slip a promotion in, but you’ll want this to be subtle.

7. Testimonial Email
While it can take you quite a bit of time to gather testimonials from customers, the third party validation that testimonials can offer make the investment in time worthwhile. Use a powerful image to accompany the testimonial. In fact, you may want to ask your customer if you can take his or her picture. You’ll want to include something in your email that asks your customers to take the next step, such as leaving feedback or linking to a page with more customer testimonials.

Hopefully, these 7 examples of emails that your business should be sending will catapult your email marketing strategy to the next level.

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