7 Resources for Marketing Research to Boost Content Creation

If you want to be able to add some meat to your blog posts that offer value to your readers, you need to do your homework. Creating original content means offering your own unique perspective on a relevant topic. To position yourself as an authority in your industry, you need to use data to ensure that your arguments are well-supported.
Taking the time to conduct research will make your claims more credible, give your content more authority, and help your content to earn more shares. The challenge that many marketers face with content creation is finding the research to cite. If you can relate, you’ll appreciate our list of seven resources for marketing research to boost your content creation strategy:

1. Nielson
You’re probably familiar with Nielson as it’s a respected resource for consumer media research for topics related to TV, internet and social media. Anytime you are writing a blog post about trends related to consumer media research, be sure to check Nielson’s Insights section for powerful statistics to share with your audience.

2. Bloomberg News
At New York Ave, we make it a priority to stay up-to-date with the latest digital media news. Bloomberg News has proven to be a useful resource for our content creation team to refer to for the latest technology and digital marketing news. Since all businesses today need to be in the loop with online marketing trends, Bloomberg News is a helpful resource to bookmark.

3. Pew Research Center
The Pew Research Center is widely recognized as being a credible source for nonpartisan surveys as it relates to internet and technology consumers. The polls conducted by the Pew Research Center can add a lot of substance to your content and help you to more clearly communicate your message.

4. Gallup
Gallop conducts a wide variety of public opinion polls on topics ranging from politics and the economy to social issues and technology. The raw survey data that Gallop polls provide are useful in helping to support a point you’re making in your content.

5. Ipsos
On occasions where you’ll want to incorporate global data into your content, Ispos is a helpful resource as the company conducts market research on the consumer behaviors of a wide variety of global audiences.

6. comScore
comScore is a marketing and advertising company that offers valuable data and insight into media and technology trends. You can use this research to support consumer behaviors from around the world. What makes comScore unique is that it offers data in several formats, including written, visual, and audio formats. Having access to a variety formats is ideal for audiences that consume data in different ways.

7. BuzzSumo
This social analytics software company offers followers powerful research about the types of content that is shared and linked to most often. If your goal is to develop a content creation strategy that is a lead-generating powerhouse, the research conducted by BuzzSumo is a must read.

While these resources will help to strengthen your content creation strategy, it’s important that you also conduct your own due diligence and check your facts. Be sure to subscribe to our blog for valuable insight in regards to inbound marketing.

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