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7 Facts You Don’t Know About Facebook Advertising

Of all the social media platforms that you’re using to market your business, you’re probably the most familiar with Facebook. However, just when you think you have this social media giant figured out, Facebook always seems to find a way to surprise you and make you re-think your social media strategy.
Here are 7 facts that you’ll find surprising about Facebook advertising:

1. Seasonality has a heavy influence on Facebook bids.
The Facebook algorithm uses a bidding system to determine the price of an impression. One of the biggest influencers on price is the number of accounts bidding on a specific target. Therefore, since more marketers are bidding on specific targets during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas, the cost per click is higher during the holiday season.

2. Facebook offers an underused click to chat option.
While there’s nothing new about Facebook’s click to chat option, it’s highly underutilized. Running a click to chat Facebook advertising campaign will help you to strengthen your customer service strategy. In addition, a click to chat campaign is an effective way to retarget people that have already been to your website, but want to ask questions before making a purchase.

3. The amount of text that you include on an image impacts delivery rate.
Facebook gives preference to posts with images that include little to no text. As a rule of thumb, the more text on an image, the lower your delivery will be on Facebook. To maximize distribution and minimize your cost, limit the text that you include on images.

4. Facebook gives marketers limited control over the frequency of ad delivery to the same user.
You can easily upset prospective customers if you continue to serve them with the same ads. The typical Facebook advertising campaign does not give marketers control over how often they deliver ads to the same user. This is why it’s important frequently change the content and creative of their Facebook ads.

5. Audience insights offers a wealth of ways to target customers.
Audience insights allows you to get very granular with who you target in your Facebook advertising campaigns by revealing data about users such as their online behaviors, purchasing habits, income level, and more. By creating a highly targeted Facebook campaign, you’ll be able to generate a better performance.

6. Facebook offers a preselected similar reach targeting option.
Facebook offers the ability to show your ads to an audience that is similar to the one that you have already selected. Different than Facebook’s lookalike targeting from the ad account manager, this pre-selected audience is determined based on data from Facebook. Being able to expand your reach with this pre-selected similar audience will allow you to earn more conversions at a lower CPA.

7. Video ads on Facebook are not the best way to earn website clicks.
If the bulk of your Facebook advertising consists of videos, you will want to rethink your strategy. While video is a powerful way to communicate a message on Facebook, it doesn’t generate website clicks.

Facebook advertising is a necessity for your business. However, it’s also important to realize that the Facebook advertising landscape is constantly changing, so what is working for you today may not be ideal tomorrow. Stay informed about Facebook’s advertising platform and make tweaks to your strategy when needed.

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