7 Awesome Social Media Features You Didn’t Know Existed

The social media world seems to be evolving by the minute, and many of these changes and enhancements are never even formally announced.

We’ve done a little research and found 7 awesome (and practically hidden) social media features that you need to know about, and we’d like to share them with you below broken down by social media channel:


1. The ability to publish a milestone or life event
As a business owner, you’ve experienced some pretty exciting milestones that help tell your brand’s story. Have you recently opened a new location? Or perhaps you’ve added a new business partner to the mix? You can document these important moments on your Facebook timeline to share this exciting news with your fans.

The easiest way to add a milestone to your Facebook business page is to select the “milestone” option in your status update box. Consider adding an image with your milestone to make this important moment in your business’s history really stand out.

2. The ability to save links for later
As you browse through your Facebook newsfeed, you’re likely to find some intriguing content, but you might not always have time to read it all. Fortunately, you can actually save this content to read at a later time.
To do this, simply click the downward arrow at the top right-hand corner of the article in your newsfeed and choose the “save” option. To retrieve your saved content, choose “saved” from the lefthand column of your Facebook homepage.

3. The option to unfollow people
Do you have any Facebook “friends” that drive you nuts with the content they post? Instead of un-friending them, you can choose to unfollow them by clicking on the arrow on the top right of their stories and choosing the “unfollow” option. The great thing about this feature is that your “friend” will never know you did this.

4. The ability to find targeted conversations
Want to find people talking about your brand, industry, or any topics relevant to your business? You can now type keywords into the Facebook search bar to see which of your friends are discussing these topics.


5. The ability to include hidden relationship notes
You meet so many people in the business world that it can be difficult to keep up with who is who. That’s why you need to know about this LinkedIn hack! You can actually create hidden notes about each of your LinkedIn connections–how you met, who introduced you, etc–to make these relationships more meaningful.

To do this, click “relationship” under the person’s profile picture and add your notes. No one will be able to see this information except you.

6. The option to embed media files in your profile
LinkedIn profiles are often text-heavy, and you can break this up by embedding media files in your profile. Think media-like images, SlideShares, videos, and audio.

To do this, go to the summary section of your page and click on the media icon to upload a file. If you use a site called Embedly, you can choose images, video, and other media files from more than 300 content providers.


7. The ability to find out who has unfollowed you
If you visit http://who.unfollowed.me/, you can actually find out who has chosen to unfollow you on Twitter. Knowing this information can help you to make important modifications to your Twitter marketing strategy.
Take advantage of these hidden social media marketing features to more effectively promote your brand online.

Have we missed any of your favorite hidden social media marketing features? We’d love for you to share them!

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