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6 Things That Make Logo Design For Your Business Effective

Logo design is a crucial part of your business’s branding strategy. People will first recognize and perceive your business based on your logo, so taking the time to get it “just right” is well worth the investment.

There are a number of factors to consider when creating your logo. To make sure your logo is consistent with your branding strategy, you’ll need to conduct market research, develop clear buyer personas, and consider what elements of logo design would appeal to your audience.

Here are 6 things that make a logo design for your business effective:

1. Simple
When it comes to logo design, less really is more. If you think about some of the most recognizable logos throughout the world (Nike’s checkmark and McDonald’s golden arches, for example), they are very uncluttered and straight forward. One of the more popular trends in logo design is flat design, a move some of the biggest brands are making to simplify their logos.

2. Easy to Remember
Your logo is a symbol for what your business is all about. With this in mind, some business owners have a little anxiety when trying to come up with a logo design that will best represent their businesses. As a result, they can get a little carried away with choosing designs that are overly stylized and distracting.

People tend to remember a logo that has no more than three basic components. The more complex you get, the more difficult it will be for your audience to recall.

3. Unique
When starting, and sometimes when reinventing, the brand for your business, it’s easy to copy what the competition is doing well. While many dentists may choose to use a tooth as part of their logo to represent their line of work, using the exact same application for your dental practice isn’t something that will help to build awareness for your own brand. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t use a tooth, I’m saying that it’s application should be unique to your business.

4. Timeless
You want your logo to be able to withstand the test of time and never appear outdated and stale to your audience. While some brands are tempted to use a photograph in logo design, doing so is one of the fastest ways that you can date your brand. A logo may change slightly over the years, but the core concept should stay the same.

Some examples of brands with logos that have changed very little over the years include UPS, Starbucks, and Burger King. These brands have made very subtle modifications to their logos to incorporate specific modern trends such as color adjustments and typefaces.

5. Vector
Your logo design should look the same regardless of how it’s scaled or the where your audience is viewing it (website, business card, billboard, t-shirt, etc). Choosing a symmetrical design that features clean lines and a modernist structure is usually the best way to accomplish this. Making sure that your logo is designed in vector format will help to protect the integrity of the design when it’s re-sized.

6. Consistent Graphic & Typeface
Assuming your logo includes typeface, it should pair well with the graphic device so that they enhance one another. To do this well, these two critical elements of logo design should really be thought of as one. For example, if you choose a graphic that is clean and linear, the typeface that you choose should also match these qualities.

While there are so many factors that you need to consider in the beginning stages of starting and/or running business, your logo and brand design should be made a priority. We hope these tips help as you embark on the design for your own logo.

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