6 Signs It’s Time to Update Your E-Commerce Website Design

It’s official: more consumers are now choosing to make purchases online than visit brick-and-mortar retail stores. It’s estimated that total worldwide e-commerce sales will top $4 trillion by 2020. Businesses continue to set records with their e-commerce websites year after year with Cyber Monday, which generated $3.45 billion in revenue in 2016. Is your e-commerce website helping you to reach your goals? Here are 6 signs that it’s time to give your e-commerce website design an update.
Do you currently have an e-commerce website? Can your business really thrive in today’s digital day and age without an e-commerce website? If you’re assuming that your customer base does not make purchases online, we encourage you to rethink your logic.

Incorporating e-commerce into your website design will give you wider customer reach, enable customers to make purchases 24/7, and increase your conversion rate. In short, if you’re not already using an e-commerce website design, you’re missing a lot of opportunities to grow your business.

If you already have an e-commerce website, something else to consider is how it’s functioning for your business. How an e-commerce website performs is a direct reflection of your company’s credibility and commitment to secure online transactions.

If your e-commerce website is experiencing any of these six symptoms, it’s time to replace your website design top to bottom:

1. Load speed is slow.
Nothing turns customers away from your website faster than pages that are too slow to load. Consumers expect the pages on your website to load within two seconds, and nearly half of them will abandon your website if the pages take longer than three seconds to load.

If you have a separate mobile website, you need to focus on improving the loading speed of this website as well. Approximately 125 million American consumers own smartphones, and 60 percent of these consumers have used their mobile devices within the past six months to make an online purchase. Having a mobile-friendly website that offers a positive user experience will benefit your bottom line and help your website to rank higher in search results.

2. Your website is not accessible.
Mobile-friendliness is often factored into website design, but what about its accessibility to blind and keyboard-handicapped consumers? There are millions of consumers with varying disabilities that impact how they use the internet. Making accessibility a priority during the website design and development stage will allow you to have an e-commerce website that serves the needs of all consumers.

3. Website maintenance is a challenge.
You should be able to make quick changes to your website without needing to involve a web developer. An e-commerce website serves multiple functions, and having to call in a professional every time you need to update your homepage or change product information is a hassle (and an expense). A well-designed website will allow you to intuitively make rapid changes on your own.

4. The user experience of your website is not intuitive.
Your online store needs to be easy for consumers to use. To make your e-commerce website more intuitive and user-friendly, include a search feature that will return results in a flash and categorize your products to make it easier for customers to find the products they want. If you notice the conversion rate or the amount of time spent on pages is low, it may be time to give your e-commerce website a redesign.

5. Your website does not integrate well with third-party services.
Your e-commerce website needs to be able to easily integrate with third-party services. For instance, if you want to start using a new type of software to enhance your online store, you should be able to integrate it through an API. If there are challenges present, it’s time to think about reworking your website design.

6. You’ve hit $1 million in sales.
While one e-commerce platform may have worked really well in helping you to achieve your first $1 million in sales, it may not be the best solution to help you get to $10 million. As your business grows online, some of the processes such as fraud prevention require more in-depth tools. As your business grows, it’s necessary for your website design to evolve too.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms or challenges, it’s time to consider a redesign of your e-commerce website. By ensuring your e-commerce website design is performing for your business, you’ll benefit from increased sales and will make customers feel good about doing business with you.

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