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6 Creative Ideas for E-Commerce Website Design

If you want to grow your business online, you must have an e-commerce website. An e-commerce website allows your business to catapult sales by selling products and services online. Considering that consumers now prefer to make purchases online rather than visit a physical store location, an e-commerce website design is essential for your business to thrive in the 21st century.
In order to have a successful online presence, you need to do more than just have an e-commerce website. To stand apart from the competition and truly grab your audience’s attention, your e-commerce website design needs to sell what your brand is all about and include creative content that engages your audience.

To provide you with some inspiration, here are several great examples of creative, real-life e-commerce campaigns:

1. How-To Advice from Experts at REI
REI is a national retailer for outdoor clothing, gear, and footwear and is known for helping consumers make informed purchase decisions from its team out outdoor enthusiasts. While the company attracts a lot of traffic to its website through its lifestyle blog, its highly informative e-commerce website design is what converts traffic.

The products on the website are organized by the type of outing, and expert advice is offered in the dropdown menu to help consumers learn as they go through the buyer’s journey. For example, consumers that are browsing through climbing shoes on the REI website can also find useful how-to content on the bottom right hand side of the screen, such as how to find the right climbing shoes for your needs and how to use the appropriate climbing equipment once you’re ready to hit the mountain.

2. Great Finds at Target
This upscale discount retailer understands that when consumers shop at Target, they typically end up making additional purchases that they didn’t originally anticipate making. Consumers love finding a great deal, and Target taps into this by including a “Finds” page in its website design that shares user-generated content of the most popular finds at Target that consumers have posted to Instagram. The “Finds” page helps consumers find products that they didn’t know they needed and offers social proof to help drive conversions.

3. User-Made Video Content at The GoPro Channel
Due to the nature of its business, GoPro has a huge following online through its action-packed videos on YouTube created by consumers using the company’s product: GoPro’s famous Hero camera. Consumers are motivated to create their own engaging YouTube videos in hope that GoPro will share their user-generated content on the brand’s YouTube channel. GoPro includes a “Watch” page in its website design to make it easy for consumers to discover engaging video content made with GoPro products, which helps to inspire purchases.

4. Buying Guides from Best Buy
Best Buy understands that purchasing electronics is a big decision, and the brand nurtures and educates its website visitors by providing Buying Guides. Instead of pushing sales, Best Buy uses the Buying Guides to educate its online audience with tech tutorials before consumers enter the purchase page. Calls-to-action are strategically placed throughout the Buying Guide to help move consumers through the buyer’s journey and convert.

5. Video Product Demos from Lane Bryant
Lane Bryant understands their target consumer’s challenge of purchasing an outfit online that looks stunning on the model, but very different in real-life. In an effort to combat this and give consumers a better perspective of how the outfit will fit, Lane Bryant has created video product demos to give website visitors a better idea of what they’re really getting. The videos allow consumers to see what the outfits will look like while in motion, which is useful information to help consumers make a purchase decision.

6. Entertaining Product Descriptions from Woot!
Woot is a daily deals website that sells a wide variety of products ranging from electronics to home goods. What makes Woot different than other daily deals sites is that the brand is known of injecting humor into product descriptions that helps to create some excitement about even the most generic products. These creative product write-ups help to keep consumers coming back to the website time and time again, even if it’s just to see what the copywriters have come up with next.

Hopefully, these examples of stellar e-commerce websites will offer some inspiration for your own website design. Keep in mind that if you don’t already offer the ability for consumers to purchase products and services online, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to make money.

Whether you have an existing e-commerce website that needs improvement or are starting website design from scratch, we can help. Our team at New York Ave can help you grow your business online with exceptional e-commerce website design that will help your business stand apart from the competition.

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