5 Ways Roofing Contractors Can Convert More Of Their Website Leads

Published on March 11, 2020
Many people don’t look for a roofing contractor until they have an emergency. They check on Google and – bam! – there are the top “near me” results. Odds are good they start and end their search with that short list.
Only a fraction of roofing leads do true comparison shopping, including requesting estimates from a number of roofers in their area. Those are generally homeowners doing regular roof maintenance or updating their roof to sell.

This makes average roofing customers a little different from the norm:

  • They don’t start comparing options until they’re very close to making a purchase
  • They don’t spend weeks or months doing research as with other big-ticket items
  • They may not have cash on hand to pay, but they know they need a new roof

With all that in mind, the biggest marketing challenges for roofing contractors are:

1. Getting On That Local List
Homeowners are alert to whether their roofing contractor actually lives and works in their local area. This is one of a handful of industries where small, family-owned companies have a branding advantage over large, nationally known names with more funds and personnel.

2. Establishing Trust Quickly
When they reach your website, most users will only look at one or two pages. They might be especially resistant to downloading content or signing up for email marketing – at this stage in the buyer journey, they don’t see the value of a brand relationship (yet!)

3. Making A Consultation Simple
Even if you offer customer financing, you won’t really know what a project might cost until you look. That means getting the lead to commit to a time and date for an on-site roof inspection. If you can, cut out the initial phone call and go straight to getting them on your schedule!

Your website can do all this and more. A user-friendly, effective website design with strong branding sets you apart from all the other roofers out there. The first impression – less than five seconds – is vital.

5 Ways To Wow Leads Fast And Get Them On Your Schedule

1. Use Google My Business To Grab “Near Me” Searches
Many people will never search for something like “roofer tampa fl.” Instead, they’ll search for “roofers near me” and let Google do its magic. Of course, you can only be on that list if Google has established where you are with a high degree of confidence!

The fastest way to get on the Big G’s radar is to claim your Google My Business listing.

Once you’ve filled out your listing profile, there are more things you can do:

  • Get listed on other business directories that serve your local area
  • Ensure your mailing address is on your About page and website footer
  • Add a Google map showing the location of your office to your website

2. Create Hyper-Local Landing Pages For Each Community
Even though customers might never type in the name, you should still have specialized landing pages for each town and city in your service area. Why? People want to see that you know their area inside and out and can handle any local roofing challenge.

A local landing page means you can focus on what’s important to them.

Hyper-local landing pages narrow down your location even further in Google’s eyes. They’re also more likely than general roofing pages to show up in your leads’ search results – and they look more relevant at a glance than pages that discuss an entire state.

3. Introduce Your Brand Story Fast With Video Marketing
Video marketing is so powerful, just having a video on the page makes you more credible.

Leads are more likely to take action on a page with video than without it. But that doesn’t mean you should slap just any old video on your page. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Real people are better than animation, but animation is better than nothing
  • Give your company’s founder a chance to speak – that helps create rapport
  • Don’t forget to mention the geographic area your roofing team serves
  • Give a taste of your brand’s values, not just the services you provide

4. Have A Convenient And Simple Sign-Up For Consultations
The goal of your website is to get people to schedule an inspection or request a consult. You really only need to ask three questions here: Name, phone number, and email address. Some sign-up forms don’t even ask what the roofing problem is – that gets done in a follow-up call or email.

Remember, the more questions you ask, the fewer people will fill out your form.

Automating the sign-up process with a good online calendar app has great benefits for you and your customer. Many calendar apps are compatible with email marketing software, so you can automatically send an onboarding email with details the client needs to know.

Clients can also reschedule if something comes up. Most won’t use this feature, but they feel better about being in control of the process.

5. Implement Chat To Answer Questions And Soothe Doubts
Over the last few years, marketers have realized that people would rather type questions into an interactive chat box than look up answers on a static page – even if they know they’re “talking” to an AI. Activating chat on your site (potentially with a pop-up if users look like they’re lost or leaving) is a terrific way to make customer self-service easier.

At New York Ave, our team has what it takes to ensure your roofing contractor marketing makes a dynamite impression. To learn more or get started, contact us.

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