5 Ways Central Florida Roofing Contractors Can Attract More Local Customers

Published on May 18, 2021
In many states, you might not think the work of roofing contractors varies much from one place to the next.

But here in Florida, the situation for roofing contractors and their customers is unlike anywhere else.

Roofing products, services, and the building codes you must follow are very different in DeLand than Broward or Miami. So are the major considerations that influence leads when they decide which local roofer to choose.
When it comes to digital marketing for roofing contractors, you also face some big challenges. Not all homeowners are interested in their roofing options per se – many a time, they are mainly focused on price.

Add your local expertise to the mix, however, and you can differentiate from other roofing contractors.

Since most people aren’t experienced roofing customers, it is easy for them to assume that one group of roofing contractors is the same as any other. But you know better. And it’s crucial to be sure your dedication to attentive, effective, Central Florida service comes across in your roofing website.

Your roofer website establishes the all-important first impression that leads will act on … or fail to act on.

Likewise, your website can continue to generate value for past customers and keep them on your radar. A good roofing website is a one-stop-shop that allows visitors to get informed on roofing issues, understand their options, and take action on special offers or other opportunities that shape their purchase.

Your know your roofing team is one of the best in Central Florida – but how can you show that online?

Let’s look at some of the best ways to do it.

1. Educate Roofing Customers About Products And Services

Today’s buyer is hungry for knowledge about the different options available to them. Long before they reach out to a Central Florida roofer, the average customer has often already spent time looking through the options.

That’s true even if the subject isn’t thrilling to them. Some people will be really focused on finding the perfect style and color of roof, saving money, or reducing roof maintenance costs. Others will simply be out for a deal.

But wherever they start the process, you can be certain they will look at several local Florida roofers.

Your website is your opportunity to meet them where they are … and then move them forward.

A roofing website does that in several ways:

  • Helping them identify their current problem and the long-term results of not solving it
  • Advising them on the possibilities and influencing the buying criteria they’ll use to decide
  • Providing motivation to take action sooner rather than later and get on your schedule

For instance, a new homeowner might see a minor leak as little more than an inconvenience. As an experienced Central Florida roofer, you understand the matter isn’t so simple. A small leak can lead to mold damage if it isn’t treated. When bad weather strikes again, the home’s underlayment could get saturated.

With helpful, informative content like blog posts and marketing videos, you can correct these misconceptions.

Just as importantly, you can keep customers from getting short-changed. You know the potential risks of “roofing over,” but do your customers? When you publish roofing content to help them avoid Central Florida roofing issues, you are more likely to rank prominently in local searches related to your services.

You also become a trusted advisor who is out to help homeowners make the best decisions.

That means they are more likely to choose you, even if they consult several Florida roofers.

2. Help Homeowners Control Their Roof’s Total Cost Of Ownership

What Central Florida homeowners don’t know about roofing can cost them.

Just think: How many of your customers know all about wind mitigation credits?

How about solar panels? Most Floridians realize they can save money on electricity with solar panels and may even be able to turn a profit under optimal conditions. But they do not necessarily know how their location will affect output or how to navigate the incentive programs that come and go.

Name any other Central Florida roofing topic, from residential metal roofing to storm damage insurance, and odds are good you have encountered costly customer mistakes. Customer questions and feedback must inform your digital strategy since they show you new areas where you can add value.

With input from a digital marketing agency, you can use your knowledge in fun and effective ways.

For example, people love interactivity. Looking up facts in a chart on a static page? Not so much. An agency can develop a Central Florida roofing calculator so prospective customers see their ROI for a new roof, solar panels, attic ventilation, insulation, or whatever else you offer in Central Florida.

By helping customers see concrete value this way, you pre-qualify them and enjoy a smoother sales process.

3. Highlight Trust Markers And Safeguard Customers Against Central Florida Roofing Scams

Your roofing website needs to show you are a reputable Central Florida roofer in clear, comprehensible ways.

Door-to-door roofing solicitation is rampant in Central Florida – so common it has been a driving factor in the cost of many homeowners’ insurance policies doubling in recent years.

Usually, these so-called roofing contractors turn out to be unqualified, securing cash-only transactions with a promise that the homeowner will get an all-new roof for no more than the cost of their insurance deductible.

When the homeowner agrees, the scammer takes their cash and disappears or leaves them with an insurance claim that isn’t valid because they are not qualified roofers. You can’t prevent these scams, but you can help safeguard your Central Florida community by demonstrating what a real roofer looks like.

Here are some critical ways to foster trust quickly:

  • Make sure your website includes information on your licensing and industry certifications
  • If you offer a free estimate, an on-site inspection, or a guarantee, emphasize those details
  • Highlight customer reviews and testimonials, and link to websites like Yelp if you have a good score
  • Introduce yourself using video storytelling – show your team, office, vehicles, and roofing equipment

These trust markers reduce anxiety around purchases and smooth the path to a more collaborative discussion about your customers’ roofing plans. Once you have them in place, ensure it’s easy to contact you and set up an appointment. Responding to customer emails within 30 minutes greatly improves the likelihood of a sale.

4. Claim Your Google My Business Listing To Show Up In Local Search

Local is the name of the game when it comes to roofers. Virtually all your customers will come from within 50 miles of your office. To guide them toward your Central Florida roofing company instead of a large national competitor, leverage what’s called the “near me” effect.

Stated simply, people search for businesses “near me” when they are on the cusp of a buying decision.

The average consumer prefers businesses “near me” across the board, even when they need services that don’t require them to go anywhere or have a face-to-face chat. The effect is amplified for roofing contractors and others who work around the home: Buyers assume locals will be more punctual and offer better service.

To show up on their radar at this pivotal moment, get familiar with Google My Business.

Google My Business is a directory that Google maintains for free to help match users with local companies that can meet their needs. As a business owner, you can claim your listing, which gives you a number of benefits:

  • You can update information about your company such as its hours and its associated photos
  • You can easily monitor and respond to customer reviews you receive on the Google platform
  • Your brand is more likely to feature in targeted local searches, including on the map view
  • You have an extra layer of protection against your GMB listing falling into the wrong hands

Google takes GMB seriously, so the verification process involves postal mail to your business address. This can take a few days, but it is worthwhile: It helps search users see at a glance that you are a local business from right in their own neighborhood. Many times, that’s the factor that helps them choose one roofer over another.

5. Build Community Pages About Central Florida Roofing Challenges

Odds are you work in more than one town or city – so personalize your website for each one.

Think about the place where you do most of your business. What’s the most common service you need to perform there? What’s the biggest risk to their roof that homeowners don’t know about? And if you could tell them only one fact about getting more value from their roof, what would it be?

Your website is the 24-hour asset that can help you have those conversations with your leads.

By designing community pages, visitors from across your service area are more likely to find themselves in exactly the right place when they click your website in search results. They are also more likely to read more of your page content and retain more of the message than they would if they landed on a generic page.

There are clear digital marketing advantages to this approach, too.

If someone inputs a geo-targeted search like “roofer winter park fl” they are much more likely to find you if you have a Winter Park page. And you can turn each of your community pages into powerful, hyper-local lead engines when you provide the right resources on each one:

  • An overview of the community and the major roofing challenges that you encounter there
  • A video discussing the community and your business, which can raise conversions by 80%
  • Convenient links to any blog posts you’ve published dealing with local roofing topics
  • A contact form or a registration form to schedule an on-site evaluation or other free service

Community pages take some time to set up, but their effect on conversion rates can be dramatic.

You Deserve A Central Florida Marketing Agency With The Hometown Touch

Central Florida families rely on roofing contractors to help sustain the safety, longevity, and comfort of their homes. They have many options, but there’s only one Central Florida roofer who does it like you. Your digital marketing strategy is the key to standing out from the rest and laying the foundation for life-long customer relationships.

As a Central Florida digital marketing agency, New York Ave is dedicated to treating you with the same care and respect you show your customers – and ensuring your commitment to quality shines through in your marketing.

To find out more, contact us.

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