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5 Types Of Online Roofing Leads And How To Attract Each Online

Content marketing is the most effective long-term method of getting online leads. It raises search engine visibility and draws visitors at the moment they need you – that is, exactly when they’re looking for services you provide.
Most of your prospective customers have some things in common:

  • They own their own home and are responsible for any maintenance issues
  • They either have a problem with the roof or suspect there will be one soon
  • They have finances to get work done or can do it with some time to save

Those traits help you qualify visitors who can benefit from your business. But they’re not enough to go on when it comes to writing helpful, informative content.

All content is for someone, and you need to know more about them than “they have a roof.” Luckily, there are categories of potential customers. We call these buyer personas.

A buyer persona is a sketch of everything you think you know about a type of customer. That includes things like demographics – age, location, income – and what their “use case” is: That is, why they want your services and what value they expect.

Today, we focus on that last point and how to appeal to different online roofing leads.

1. The Would-Be Home Seller
Today’s savvy home buyers insist on a home inspection before they’ll move forward – and so do their lenders and insurers. Homeowners, on the other hand, usually know if the roof hasn’t been inspected or worked on within a reasonable amount of time.

These leads are often on a tight timeline because they want to get a property out on the market as soon as possible. They may already be working with a real estate agent or are looking for one. Their main motivation in finding a roofer is to increase their sale price.

How To Appeal To Them

  • Emphasize the potential for higher sales price and a faster close in your content
  • Provide documented evidence on their roof work and warranty to show to buyers
  • Share testimonials from customers who sold soon after getting roof work done

2. Downsizing And New Inheritance
Sometimes, people find themselves responsible for a roof they didn’t plan on. This is happening more frequently as Baby Boomers retire – at a rate of about 10,000 every single day – and leave their existing homes to family members as they downsize.

Many retiring Baby Boomers are leaving the pool of online roofing leads for good as they choose condos or move to active living communities where maintenance is taken care of for them.

Their heirs, on the other hand, need to get problems solved fast to control the cost of a new home.

How To Appeal To Them

  • Invite them to schedule a visit or roof evaluation online
  • Emphasize your fast turnaround and, if you offer it, any roof financing options
  • Find out if they’ll be selling – use the techniques for would-be sellers above

3. The Eco-Friendly Upgrader
Roofers in warmer climates are getting lots of opportunities to expand their business. One way is by offering residential metal roofing. Metal roofing saves money on heating and cooling by reflecting solar heat. Another familiar method is rooftop solar.

The majority of eco-friendly roofing leads are fairly affluent and very concerned about their environmental impact. Some, however, are on an accelerated timeline to take advantage of state or municipal tax incentives for their upgrades.

Without them, they might not be in the market at all.

How to Appeal to Them

  • If you offer help with paperwork needed to claim rebates, make it a selling point
  • Use quizzes to help clients estimate how much they can save with metal or solar

4. The Storm Season Victim
Experienced roofers know that the storm season is one of the busiest times of their year.

It’s important for trusted local brands to be highly visible and active when the community is in crisis. You’re not only competing with other legitimate roofers, but with scam artists going door to door.

These situations are a race against time in more ways than one.

Not only do you need to serve as many customers as possible at a time when you’re probably booked full, but also help leads avoid roofing decisions they’ll regret. Content marketing is the ideal tool for this.

How To Appeal To Them

  • Provide plenty of evergreen content on roofing scams to help customers spot them
  • Use AI chat bots to help leads answer questions and move forward with scheduling
  • Make it easy for them to contact you on the web, via phone, or through social media

5. The Average Maintenance Case
These leads are the ones who are least enthusiastic about needing a roofing service. The roof is leaking or otherwise in need of repair and they are probably not happy about it. They have often procrastinated as long as possible and may be eager to cut corners.

It is possible to build a productive lead relationship with average maintenance clients. Some of them will be glad to sign a long-term roof maintenance agreement with you to ensure this issue will never crop up again. Others may be interested in DIY solutions.

How To Appeal To Them

  • Ensure your roofing website has plenty of info on roof options from “budget” to “premium”
  • Educate clients by blogging on methods for extending a roof’s life

No one wants to go without a roof overhead. Successful online marketing for roofers taps into the very different ways people think about this basic need and helps them make the right buying choice.

The team at New York Ave sets you up as the trusted expert for your roofing clients’ needs. We’ll help you meet your leads where they are – wherever that might be. Contact us to get started.

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