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5 Types of Facebook Posts That Will Land You More Leads

How much time do you spend thinking about content creation? As a business owner, you can drive yourself crazy trying to come up with creative and engaging content to captivate your audience on social media.
We’d like to help you out with that. Since the majority of your target audience is likely already on Facebook, we’d like to share 5 types of Facebook posts that will not only draw your audience in, but will land you more leads as well:

1. Post landing pages with offers directly to Facebook.
If you want to get results with Facebook marketing, considering posting landing pages with offers from your website directly to Facebook. You won’t want to do this with every landing page that you create; however, if you really have an enticing offer that would make people curious to learn more, post it on Facebook.

To be most successful with this, you need to make it very clear to your Facebook audience exactly where you’re sending them when they click on your link. For instance, most people would be a little turned off if they thought they were clicking to read a blog post but instead had to fill out a form. With this being said, be sure to use verbal cues such as “download our free ebook” to better indicate where you will be sending people.

Another good rule of thumb is to make sure that you’re using a compelling featured image in this type of Facebook post. In addition, be sure that the image has been optimized for Facebook.

2. Post your most successful blog posts to Facebook.
Conduct an analysis with your team to determine which of your blog posts are generating the most leads. You can then put these blog posts further to work by posting them to Facebook. For the best results, be sure that those blog posts include anchor text CTAs, preferably towards the beginning of the blog posts.

3. Embrace video content.
We’ve talked a lot about the shift towards paid advertising on Facebook and how it’s almost becoming necessary to do this because of the way that Facebook ranks content. However, while the reach of organic posts on Facebook declined by 52 percent in 2016, video content seems to not be affected by this. Therefore, share videos on Facebook to promote upcoming events, offers, and other lead-generating content. Don’t forget to include a text CTA in the video’s description and a verbal one in your video.

4. Give Facebook Live a try.
If you don’t have the time to invest in creating a video, take advantage of the new Facebook Live feature. Since these videos are taken live and in the moment, they’re meant to be a little scrappier. Something else that should be noted is that Facebook Live videos earn 10 times more engagement than regular videos on Facebook.

5. Ask for feedback on your products.
A great way to spark conversation about your brand and generate leads is to ask your Facebook followers for feedback about a particular product. You could also include a link to a landing page for interested parties to click and download an ebook (or some other relevant offer). The danger in doing this is that it can open up the floodgates for negative comments, so be careful about what you choose to ask your Facebook fans about.

Give these 5 Facebook marketing tactics a try. Not only will they help you with content creation, but they’ll also yield you more leads as well.

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