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5 Types of Custom Web Development That Can Help Grow Your Business

Sure, as a business owner in today’s day and age, you’ve heard a lot of buzz about custom web app development.

When you originally launched your small business online, a standard informational website may have been all that you needed. However, as your business has grown and your needs have changed, you’re probably ready for a more interactive website.

This is where custom web app development comes in. There may be a number of reasons why you want your website to be more interactive, such as you want to be able to accept payment from customers online or you want to give your customers the ability to customize their orders via your webpage.

As you research custom web app development, you’ll probably uncover a number of ways that an interactive website can benefit your business. We wanted to take a moment to highlight 5 types of custom web development that can help to grow your business and simplify your life:

1. Content Management System (CMS)
We all know that content is king. It’s one of the most effective ways for attracting new leads to your website.

Long gone are the days where a simple 5 to 10 page website would get the job done for your business. In order to update a website regularly with fresh content, many business owners are adding a blog to their websites. And the key to being able to regularly add this fresh content to your website without needing to be a web developer is to have your website built using a CMS.

Depending on your needs, you may determine that a custom CMS is necessary for your business. To best make this determination, talk to your web developer about what you need your CMS to be able to accomplish.

2. Custom Relationship Management System (CRM)
Your business likely has some system in place to keep track of leads, customers, referrals, business contacts, and more. To be more efficient, you may determine that you want a customized CRM solution and/or to have it integrated with other tools that you use.

3. Company/Customer Web Portal
Developing a web portal can be extremely valuable to your business.

Depending on the needs of your business, you may decide to create a web portal to give your employees or customers access to information on your website. You may also want to allow the ability for users to upload information to your website.

Regardless of your need, a web portal allows individuals to get information from your website in a self-service manner.

4. Paperless Workplace
With the cost savings, boost in efficiency, and contribution to the environment, there is definitely a movement towards the paperless office. Web app development can help businesses to replace paper forms by offering a tool that allows your employees to safely access a specific workflow from anywhere.

5. Online Store
With the growing number of consumers wanting to be able to purchase products online, web development can integrate an online store with your website. While there are some simple solutions out there for accomplishing this, you may determine that a custom e-commerce tool is best for your business.

These are just a few examples of custom web apps that can help take your business to the next level. As you do your research about web development, you’ll find that there are existing solutions out there to address some of these needs. However, if you determine that your business needs a more tailored solution, creating a custom software solution that is built specifically for your business may be best.

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