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5 Reasons Medical Practices Should Get Serious About Their Websites

If you don’t think your medical practice needs a good website, you’re still living in 2020.

As the pandemic emergency officially ends in May 2023 and new restrictions on telehealth come into play, many medical practice leaders are wondering whether digital technology will continue to be an important aspect of their growth and customer retention strategies going forward.

Over the last few years, patients have dramatically shifted their approach when it comes to looking for medical information online. That change also touches on how they choose which medical practices and providers to go to. Their selection isn’t just about insurance coverage, but increasingly about trust.

Even as the regulatory landscape shifts again, they aren’t going back to the old days.

Medical practice marketing is the key to building a level of trust that keeps patients coming back – and sparking a long-lasting relationship where rapport stays strong even if months elapse between patient encounters. Using the right marketing strategy, you can improve patient health outcomes while generating more revenue.

Those goals are compatible – and they begin with your medical practice website.

Medical Practice Marketing Makes Your Digital Brand Viable in 2023 and Beyond

Millennials and older members of Generation Z are starting to take their health more seriously. Gone are the days when younger people avoided going to the doctor on a regular basis until they were 35 or perhaps older.

As the older patients you have may already be used to shifting their focus and some age out of your care, these younger customers have the potential to grow your bottom line for years to come. To reach them, however, you need to be where they are. Universally, that means connecting with them online before they ever visit your office.

These younger cohorts go online to get information on products, services, and solutions before reaching out to any business, even one as fundamental as yours. They are researching what you have to offer and scrutinizing your medical practice marketing, just as they would with a real estate agent or any other professional.

Without a website that meets their needs, you risk becoming invisible.

And whoever follows Generation Z, this trend will only become more pronounced over time.

It’s not enough to deliver excellence – others need to know about it, too.

Five Reasons Focusing on Your Website Now Will Strengthen Your Medical Practice Marketing

The medical practices that will be flourishing next year are those that emphasize an excellent website today. Even with the help of a marketing agency, it takes time to create a website that offers remarkable, inimitable value. The sooner you begin, the sooner you can build momentum and see positive business results.

Let’s look at five reasons you shouldn’t wait another day to get started:

1. Your Website Helps Recapture Attention from Lapsed Patients

In medical practices as in all other industries, it’s easier to sell to a past customer than it is to find a new one. Staying in touch with past patients is essential to their health and well-being, but many customers have not gone to a medical appointment face-to-face in more than two years. A website helps you get them back.

Far more effective than a postcard or a cold call, a website is always there and can be designed to answer virtually any question a prospective patient has. It also caters to a wider variety of needs, allowing people interested in self-service to schedule appointments fast and those who want live help to get it.

2. Your Website Provides the “Social Proof” New Patients Need

New patients make a complex calculus when they look at different medical providers, but it isn’t just about whether they can save money using their insurance. Many of them are trying to discover whether a specific medical practice is more likely to be attentive to their opinions and responsive to their needs.

Social proof is anything that helps people understand that others “just like them” have had success because of your services and advice. Testimonials (usually showcased directly on your website) and reviews (on trusted third-party websites) are the twin pillars of social proof for today’s savvy consumers.

Without a website, you not only don’t have a centralized place to highlight your social proof, but you’ll also have greater difficulty soliciting it in the first place. Even your most satisfied visitors are unlikely to proactively go looking for a place to review you without a reminder, so your website keeps your efforts organized.

3. Your Website Showcases Your Expertise in Your Community

It’s imperative for medical providers to stand up and take their place as credible experts in the community.

Patients are looking for personalized care, and one part of the equation is understanding the local area. After all, different communities face different public health issues in different ways at different times. When your vetted wellness advice appears on your website, it shows you care … and that you know what you’re doing.

In another sense, your website inoculates your audience against medical misinformation. At a certain point, this misinformation stops patients from seeking out informed, expert care – beyond that point, there’s no telling the devastating health consequences that might result. By having a good website, you are truly saving lives.

4. Your Website Helps You Differentiate from Your Competition

The smaller your niche, the more important it is to emphasize what makes you different.

Future patients want to know:

  • What you do
  • Who you do it for
  • Why you do it
  • How you do it differently

Only a website empowers them to discover that information in the way that makes the most sense for them, whether that means quality blog content, video storytelling, or some combination of different media. Even if you’ve never been in front of the camera before, New York Ave can get you off to a running start.

5. Your Website Can Be Used to Fill Your Schedule When You Need It

No matter whether you provide conventional medical care or alternative modalities like chiropractic, a website is the ultimate route to controlling the tempo of your business. From a simple reminder to a limited-time offer, only your website (combined with email marketing and social media) can motivate action in a single message.

New York Ave Is Your Medical Practice Marketing Partner for the Digital Age

There’s no telling what the future will hold, but your website will remain an essential marketing asset.

No matter whether your medical practice is big or small, you can get more from marketing when you hire a marketing agency to help you communicate your vision to the world. Don’t reinvent the wheel to reach your marketing goals: Stay focused on what you do best and let New York Ave do the rest.

We’ve helped medical practices just like yours reach more patients and serve their existing ones better.

Contact us to find out more or get started with the outsourced marketing team you can rely on.

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