5 of the Best Websites to Waste Your Time On

We like to use our blog to frequently share useful digital marketing tips to help your business dominate its online presence. However, we also understand that when you’re running a small business, you need some balance in your life. This means occasionally taking a moment out of your hectic schedule for yourself.
If you could use a brain break, there are a number of great websites floating around on the internet to waste your time on besides social media. When you’re in the mood to surf the internet aimlessly, here are 5 of the best websites to waste your time on:

1. WaitButWhy
This is one of the most intriguing blogs that you’ll find written by a guy named Tim Urban about his psychological shortcomings. Don’t expect to see a new post published every day; however, when he does post new material, expect to become completely enthralled in the article.

His articles are extremely well written and cover topics ranging from relationships to outer space. Even for the more complex topics that you may know nothing about, he finds a way to break down the content for you so that it’s easy to digest. After reading one of his articles, you walk away feeling a little bit smarter than you did before.

2. MentalFloss
Do you ever envy the guy that seems to possess the most random bits of knowledge? Perhaps he’s well read? Or maybe he just spends a lot of time on MentalFloss.

MentalFloss is an online magazine with a wealth of articles that cover a wide range of topics that typically don’t get a lot of coverage elsewhere. Fans can even submit their own questions that they want to have addressed, such as why seashells sound like the ocean or why people with blue eyes more sensitive to the sun.

3. Supercook
If you frequently find yourself staring at your kitchen pantry but are at a loss of what to make, you’ll love this website. You can use Supercook to plug in the ingredients that you currently have in your kitchen, and the website will populate a list of recipes that you can make just using those ingredients. It’s a great way to ensure that your food won’t go to waste.

4. Sense-Lang’s Balloon Typing Game
Sometimes goofing off with a game is a great way to relieve stress, especially if it’s an easy and mindless one. Sense-Lang’s Balloon Typing Game fits the bill for this and can allow you to enhance your typing skills at the same time. To play, balloons with letters of them float down your screen, and the objective is to type the letter on the balloon before it hits the bottom of your screen.

5. The Onion
This online satirical newspaper is sure to offer you a good laugh (and we all know that there are days when this is desperately needed). The publication has been around since 1988, and the writers are still delivering comic relief nearly 30 years later. Their editorial process is very unique in that 600 of these fake headlines are submitted for review at the start of the week, but only 16 of them actually make it into the paper.

So the next time you’re desperate for a break and don’t feel like talking with your co-workers, give these time-wasting websites a try.

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