5 Landing Page Design Tactics You Need to Be Testing

Naturally, you want your website design to lead to more conversions. By creating a landing page for every inbound advertising campaign that you run, you will be much more effective with tracking your leads and bringing them through your sales funnel.
We’ve shared with you several best practices for optimizing landing pages. However, truth be told, while these tactics may work for 90 percent of businesses, they might not work for your website.

So how can you be sure that you have the right design tactics in place for your landing pages? Here are 5 landing page design best practices that you should be testing to confirm that your website indeed is helping you to convert leads:

1. Simple, minimalist design.
You’ve probably heard that landing pages with plenty of whitespace produce results because there are fewer distractions. While this is true in many scenarios, it all really comes down to your audience. For example, Millennials have become accustomed to more stimulation than an older audience and may prefer a more complex layout. You really won’t know until you test a minimalist design against your audience.

2. Smiling faces.
A number of studies indicate that consumers tend to respond to a smiling face as it helps brands to connect emotionally with their audiences. However, some consumers may find a smiling face to be a distraction on a landing page. Or, if the smiling face is obviously a stock photo, it has the potential to kill your conversion rate.

3. Offering social proof.
If your want to build third party validation that your brand is credible, add social proof to your landing page. For example, you could include social sharing buttons on your page content. However, if you typically have a low share rate of your content, this has the potential to have a negative affect on landing page conversions. Carefully test this tactic to make sure that it’s not working against you.

4. Keeping the price hidden.
As a good salesperson, you want to first establish the value that your product or service will offer to your audience, right? Therefore, you may be skeptical to put the price of your product or service front and center on your landing page. However, there is the possibility that making your price a focal point on your landing page could actually increase conversions. It’s certainly worth testing out both options to see how they perform with your audience.

5. Including video.
If you have a difficult concept that you want your audience to grasp, video can make it easier for your audience to digest and understand. On the other hand, video also has the potential to over-stimulate or distract your audience from taking action. Be sure to test video on your landing pages to see the response that you receive from your audience.

As you well know, every audience is different, so it’s worthwhile to test the design aspects of your landing pages to ensure that they are producing the best results for your business.

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