5 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Social Media Campaigns

As if you didn’t already know it, marketers are in the height of the holiday season. When you’re running a small business (or any sized business for that matter), you’ll know that the holiday season starts early–October 1st for most marketers.
The holidays are rapidly approaching, and consumers are turning to the internet to research gift ideas. Finding a way to connect your business to the holiday rush is a wise decision, and social media is the perfect medium for accomplishing this.

Social media campaigns have proven to be a very effective way for businesses to engage their audiences, create brand awareness, and boost sales. With that in mind, here are 5 holiday marketing ideas for social media campaigns:

1. Show some humanity
Running a social media campaign that’s tied to a cause that your business is passionate about is a great way to show your brand’s human side and emotionally connect with your audience.

People want to give back during the holiday season, so creating a social media campaign that involves helping others in need is a great strategy. Get your audience involved in your charitable initiative by creating a custom hashtag and encouraging your audience to post pictures of themselves on social media doing their own part to help with your cause. Of course, you’ll need to make sure they use your hashtag.

2. Offer holiday hacks for using your products
Best Buy embraced this social media campaign idea particularly well last holiday season by sharing new and innovative ways (aka humorous holiday hacks) to use their products via a series of Vine videos. This is one social media campaign idea that you may not want to welcome user-generated content, however, based on some potentially serious social media blunders that could come from it.

3. Let your customers tell you what they REALLY want
Help your audience encourage their friends and family to give them what they really want for the holidays by sharing their ideal gift from your business on social media and using a custom hashtag that you create for the campaign. The winner of your social media contest could receive a gift card to your business to score that perfect present.

4. Call on your customers to create the ultimate gift guide via Pinterest
Assuming the images on your website are pinnable, create the ultimate gift guide for your business on Pinterest using a group board and ask your customers to pin the items that should be included on this board.

5. Use your interactive website to your advantage
A few years ago, Coke Zero came up with the “sweater generator” during the holiday season. Fans could visit Coca-Cola’s interactive website, create their very own tacky holiday sweater design, and share it with the social media world.

While you might not need to offer the ability for your customers to design their own tacky sweaters on your website, you may be interested in using a custom web app to make your website interactive. We can help you with that.

Hopefully, these 5 creative social media campaigns have inspired you for your own marketing efforts for the holiday season.

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