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5 Free Tools to Take Your Content Creation Strategy Up a Notch

If you are responsible for content creation within your organization, you’ll know that this is no easy task. While it seems that many aspects of business operations today are becoming automated, this unfortunately does not apply to writing blog posts or ebooks. There are, however, a number of free content creation tools that you can find on the internet, and we want to make your life easier by sharing some of our favorites with you:
1. Evernote
There is a free and paid version of Evernote, but we think even the free version is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to content creation. This free resource will help you with every aspect of writing content, from the ability to create to-do lists and take notes to assistance with the editing process.

What makes this tool really unique is that you can sync your information to all of your devices–smartphone, desktop, tablet, etc–assuming that you have internet connection. As a result, Evernote serves as a safe place to store your research and content ideas.

2. WordCounter
By no means should you write content with a certain word count in mind. When you do this, you put yourself in a position to potentially cut a great article too short. However, understanding that search engines often prefer longer, meatier content, it’s not a bad idea to know where your word count falls.

In the event that the platform you are using for content creation does not include a word counter, you can copy and paste your content into this WordCounter to find out exactly how many words you have written.

3. Hemingway App
When writing a blog post, do you ever wonder how well it flows or how easy it will be for your readers to digest your message? If so, you need to check out the free Hemingway app. To use this tool, copy and paste your content into this app for your writing to be assessed and opportunities to be identified to improve the simplicity of your content.

What you’ll really love about this app is the identification of passive voice and/or hard to read sentences. Your content will also be assigned a reading grade level (10th grade reading level, for example), which will give you a better idea of how well your audience will be able to comprehend what you have written.

4. Headline Analyzer
Considering that 62 percent of people that choose to click on an article will continue to read past the headline, there is a lot of pressure to write a headline that is compelling and will encourage your audience to keep reading. Headline Analyzer is a unique (and free) tool will actually rate your headline based on a number of criteria such as SEO value and ability to generate social shares. This tool will even give you an indication as to how your headline will appear to your audience in search results.

5. Canva
We all know the importance of visual content, and Canva offers several free and paid templates that are user-friendly and make it extremely easy to manipulate using your own images. A well designed webpage not only takes a lot of time to create, but also can cost a pretty penny, and Canva is a great content creation tool to help get around both of these obstacles.

When it comes down to it, the quality of the content that you create is all up to you; however, these free tools are at your disposal to make your content creation strategy more efficient and effective. Give these tools a try and let us know your thoughts. Or, if you know you need quality content but are already overwhelmed, send us a note and see how we can help.

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