5 Email Marketing Secrets to Boost Your Response Rate

Despite the enormous potential that social media provides to businesses as a means to connect with their audiences, good ‘ole email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach a targeted audience.

Are you getting the desired results from your email marketing efforts? Your determination of success could be based on a number of metrics, such as your click-through rate or open rate. Another critical metric to take into account is the response rate, which measures the number of people that actually responded in regards to your email campaign. For example, your response rate could be the number of donations that were made divided by the total number of emails that were sent out.

Why should your response rate matter? If you think about it, it doesn’t matter if people choose to open your email if they don’t take the action that you ultimately want them to. This makes the response rate (also referred to as a conversion rate) the best way to measure how successful your email marketing efforts are.

So now that you know to make your response rate a priority when measuring the success of your email campaigns, how do you go about improving this metric? Here are 5 secrets for boosting your response rate:

1. Use short subject lines.
You only have a few seconds to captivate the attention of today’s consumer, so keep your email subject lines short and sweet. Is there a magic character count to keep in mind when crafting email subject lines? The answer varies depending on if you are a B2B or B2C business. Research indicates, however, that email subject lines with 6 to 10 words yield the best results in terms of open and response rate.

2. Bring in a proofreader.
One of the fastest ways to appear unprofessional and turn off your audience is to send an email with spelling and/or grammatical errors. As a best practice, enlist the help of a proofreader so that a fresh set of eyes can review the content before you hit send.

3. Don’t be afraid to resend the same email.
Hopefully, you’re taking advantage of analytics tools that allow you to see which recipients have not opened your email. If your recipient has yet to open your email and some time has passed, it’s as if you never sent the email in the first place. If you send out your email again just to the recipients that did not open your original email, you will see great results for minimal effort. Just don’t send too many, that’s spam!

4. It can be okay to have “RE” in your email subject line.
Assuming that you are providing your recipients with some useful follow-up information, you can use “RE” in the subject line to give the impression that you’re replying to another email. This is a great trick to get the attention of your recipients and entice them to open up your email. However, you should never fake out your customers by including a phony “RE” in your email subject line. You will lose your audience’s trust and likely the customers too.

5. Make the most of your automated emails.
Typically, when a prospect takes some type of action on your website such as downloading a free eBook, he or she will receive an automated follow-up email from your company stating something like, “Thank you for downloading our latest eBook.” This generic email can often result in a lost opportunity. Instead, take the time to craft better value-added email content for this type of follow-up.

Give these 5 email marketing secrets a try and let us know how it impacts your company’s response rate! If you need help, please don’t hesitate to send us a note.

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