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5 Data Proven Ways to Earn More Links to Your Website

It’s no secret that one of the most powerful ways to boost search engine optimization and to appeal to Google’s search algorithm is to earn inbound links from authoritative websites. But how do you go about accomplishing this?
Unfortunately, link building is not something that your business has complete control of. There are, however, some tactics that you can take advantage of to increase the likelihood that someone would want to link to your website. With that being said, here are 5 data proven ways to earn more links to your website:

Tactic #1: Use data-driven content
Did you know that data-driven content earns 283 percent more backlinks than content that does not use data? The driving force behind this is simple enough: people want to appear smart, and citing sources does just that.

Another motive that many people have for linking to content is that they want to protect themselves from being accused of stealing an idea. If they reference an article where an idea spawned from by including a link, they are giving credit for the original idea.

Tactic #2: Write longer blog posts
The average length for a blog post is approximately 500 words, but does that get the job done? It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. If earning more backlinks is your goal, you’ll want your blog posts to be longer.

So how long should you aim for your blog posts to be if your goal is to earn more links to your website? According to Buffer, the ideal length of a blog post is 1600 words, which will provide you plenty of opportunities to share information that is powerful enough to entice readers to want to link back to it from their own blogs.

Tactic #3: Use infographics
Today’s consumers have increasingly shortened attention spans, so if you can sum up a complex concept in a straight-forward infographic, you’ll keep your audience’s attention and help them to digest the content. People love infographics and their ease of communicating a message, which is probably why the use of infographics leads to 37.5 percent more backlinks than a typical blog post.

Need a cost-effective solution for creating infographics? Try some free tools like Vizualize,, or Piktochart.

Tactic #4: Use good website design
Do you think good design plays into how credible people think your website is? Well, according to 48 percent of people surveyed, the quality of a website’s design is the driving force behind how credible they perceive the brand to be. So, if your website is in need of a facelift, you probably won’t be getting too many people wanting to link to your website.

If you do decide to give your website a makeover, be sure to first read our post about DIY website design versus using a website design agency to help you make a smart business decision.

Tactic #5: Include video
We’ve already talked about the importance of incorporating visual content into your blog posts (infographics, for example), but video is another smart choice if your objective is to earn more backlinks. Did you know that blog posts with video earn 3 times more links than blog posts without it?

So there you have it. Give these 5 data-proven strategies for earning more links to your website a try and let us know how it works for you!

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