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4 Ways User Experience Helps Define Your Brand

Your brand is the sum total of all the messaging that defines what your company is about. A brand encompasses everything from your slogan and logo to your statement of values and all the communications you send out into the world. However, it’s also made up of consumers’ perceptions – what they know (or think they know) about you.
When brand awareness is high and brand perception is positive, it means people know what you’re about. They’re more likely to seek you out when they have a problem you can help with.

However, brand perception can fall out of synch with your goals for all kinds of reasons. Without even realizing it, your brand messaging could imply things you had no intention of saying at all.

Nowhere is this more insidious than with your website.

Your Website Should Be An Extension Of Your Brand – Not The Other Way Around
Your website is where most of your future customers will encounter your brand for the first time. But most business websites are built by techies who don’t know much about business branding.

A website’s user experience (UX) is how easy and pleasing it is to use, especially in terms of getting your goals taken care of – whether that means reading a blog, watching a video, or buying a product.

The experience leads have on your website will tell them more about your brand than a hundred pages touting how great you are. So, it’s important to ask: Is your site saying all the right things?

Let’s consider four ways UX “talks” about your brand:

1. A Slow Website Says You’re Way Behind the Times
Research shows it takes a delay as short as one second to wonder if something is wrong with a website.

Site speeds vary throughout the day based on a number of factors, including how many people are accessing the site at the same time. In general, though, remember this: Leads expect speed.

More people than ever have access to high-speed internet at home. Major corporations have blazing fast speeds for their employees at work. And almost every adult owns a cell phone.

In all these interactions and more, consumers are being trained to expect an immediate response from all the media they interact with. A slow site makes it look like you’re from another decade.

2. Intrusive Ads Say You’re Only Interested in the Sale
Lead generation strategies that include limited, targeted pop-ups can be effective for sites that want to convert more site visitors into leads.

But: There is a limit to the patience you can expect.

Sites with tons of auto-playing videos, redundant pop-ups, gigantic sidebars, and ads oozing out from between paragraphs when you least expect it have one thing in common: They suck to use. That’s why about 40% of Americans use ad blockers.

All these tactics are meant to capture and direct attention. But using more than one or two of them suggests that what you’re trying to get users to focus on isn’t really worth it. Focus on providing useful and informative content that moves their goals forward.

3. A Disorganized Site Says You Don’t Value Leads’ Time
Imagine a friend of yours takes a six-hour roadtrip to visit you at your new house.

He wants to see the place, but there’s one urgent problem: He needs to use the bathroom right now.

A good host would show the way and then get out of the way. But some businesses do exactly the opposite, taking every user on the grand tour when they just want to do one simple thing fast.

Features that make it easy for your visitors to find the right content win the benefit of the doubt.

That includes a search feature, helpful and organized tagging of your content, and a useful FAQ or knowledge base. More websites are introducing interactive, AI-based chat bot technology, too.

No one wants to work with – or buy from – someone who doesn’t value them. If you’d like your brand to be known for customer service, make your site a preview of that service and convenience.

4. A Generic Site Means You’re Still Finding Yourself
What are your company’s signature colors? Its fonts? What is its voice like?

How do people know they’re in the right place the first second they reach your site?

Website code and graphic design must come together to express who you are. But before developers and artists can do their thing, you have to do yours – and fully define yourself.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What values do your most important customers live their lives by?
  • What problem or question do they want to resolve – their pain point?
  • What’s the “next step” for them once it is resolved, i.e. their real goal?
  • What emotions do you want them to most strongly associate with you?

Once you have clear answers to these questions, they can all be expressed in different ways through the visual language you use on your site – using photos, illustrations, colors, and other elements.

To get there quickly and effectively, you should talk to marketing specialists.

New York Ave Will Make Sure Your Brand Speaks Your Customers’ Language
At New York Ave, our team combines digital marketing expertise with insight in the latest in graphic design and website design.

We can help you define your brand and get your message across clear as a bell – no matter what industry you’re in or what kind of people you serve.

Your brand is your vision. Our team understands how to bring it to life. We’ll walk you through a proven process that helps you attract more of the buzz you want (and prevent the buzz you don’t.)

To find out more or get started, contact us today.

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