4 Ways to Make Your Brand More Exciting Through Website Design

In today’s digital world, your website will often be the first encounter that people have with your brand. Unfortunately, not all of us are in the most exciting industries. This being said, if you don’t have a chance to speak face-to-face with a potential client, you could lose the opportunity altogether if you have a boring and generic website design.
Through your website design, you have a powerful opportunity to connect with your audience, show them your brand’s unique personality, and deliver the cool-factor (even if you’re really not that cool to begin with).

Here are 4 effective ways to make your brand more exciting through website design:

1. Keep it clean and clutter free.
In an attempt to make a boring company appear interesting, some businesses choose to overcompensate with website design and fill up the homepage with an overwhelming amount of content. Instead, why not focus on making your homepage look like a beautiful cover to a book that you absolutely must read?

Consider using a single high-quality image on your homepage to captivate your audience. Take Simple Bank for example. Banking is not always the most interesting of industries, but Simple Bank is able to intrigue its audience with one simple, relatable image that draws visitors in. Simple Bank also embraces the use of a trendy, handcrafted font to quickly sum up what the bank can do for its customers: “Save your way there.” This is a great example of a brand that understands its audience well and used this information to create a website design that really speaks to its audience.

2. Offer fewer choices.
At first, you may think that your website visitors want to have a wide variety of choices. However, serving too much information can be overwhelming and negatively impact the user experience.

So, instead of giving your visitors too many choices in your website’s navigation menu, consider using an expandable menu on your homepage. This can help to keep the design very simple and will accentuate your call to action. You’ll find that your website visitors will really appreciate the clarity that this provides.

3. Don’t be afraid to be bold.
This is what separates a boring brand from one that commands attention. Of course, it’s important to consider the end-user, but incorporating a little design freedom into your website can yield big rewards. Think bright colors, bold shapes, and dynamic details.

4. Keep it real.
Find a way to inject a human element into your website design. Be real. Be empathetic. This is what makes your brand relatable and encourages people to want to do business with you. Including unexpected (and perhaps humorous) details can add some pops of your brand’s personality.

You don’t have to have a brand like Apple or Nike to be viewed as exciting by your audience. Use these 4 design strategies to really make your website stand out, regardless if you’re in a boring industry.

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