4 Social Media Themes for Central Florida Orthodontists

Published on June 13, 2023

Social media is a perfect fit for modern orthodontist marketing.

Orthodontist marketing needs to stand out from the crowd to hold attention between patient visits. When your content helps patients achieve their goals, they’re more likely to sit up and take notice. That strengthens your relationship and helps ensure they will follow your advice throughout their course of treatment.

Of course, many orthodontists do most of their procedures on teens and tweens, so orthodontist marketing needs to adapt. One way to make social media marketing easier for you is to pick out some key themes your posts will center on. This consistency also makes it easier for followers to remember and act on your message.

If you’re just getting started on your path to social media success, you might consider sticking with a single high-level idea for an entire month. Over time, this gives you a clear idea of which content resonates most. An audience responds with likes, comments, and reblogs to the information they find most interesting or useful.

Let’s look at four effective themes for orthodontist marketing:

1. Braces Tips for Kids and Parents

Most of the kids who are getting braces are a little bit young to be on social media, and those who are won’t be seeking out your content. But you can still reach them through their parents, who will be on the lookout for the best ways to make orthodontic treatment easier for their whole family.

Adult visitors respond well to short, doctor-led video storytelling focused on their top questions about braces. Content for kids needs to be developed with care based on their age – but you can still communicate helpful tips and strategies with specialty content like coloring book pages and other interactive activities.

To make the most of this strategy, it’s a wise idea to take notes about the most common questions parents ask you in the office. Then, convert the answers into easy online content in a way that fits into their busy schedule.

2. Braces “Before and After”

Kids and adults alike can benefit from braces, but most adults don’t even realize they qualify!

On the other hand, kids can be concerned about what their peers will think when they wear braces.

Meet them all where they are with “before and after” views that include both kid and adult patients. Be sure you have release forms on file for these photos, and remember that, in some places, you are required to make it easy for parents to request the removal of them in the future if they choose.

Just like dentists, you might have a “book of smiles” in the office you use to show patients exactly what they can expect in the future. When you’re re-purposing this for online content, just remember that you can crop out the patient’s features and protect their privacy thoroughly without losing the idea behind the picture.

This can also be a clever way to let parents know that braces can help them, too!

3. The Best Alternatives to Metal Braces

Braces have been around in one way or another for thousands of years, and have existed in a basically modern form for hundreds. Along the way, they’ve helped millions of people … but let’s face it, not everyone is excited to get them. That can be true of both adults and kids.

If your business offers clear plastic aligners from any of the major brands, you have the perfect way to lay these worries to rest. Photographed correctly, it is nearly impossible to see a pair of clear plastic aligners – and that’s exactly the selling point that can get people to stop scrolling and zoom in.

When they realize they can’t see the aligners, they’re more likely to call you.

4. Seasonal Dental Health Tips

Orthodontists and dentists can team up to help patients achieve superior oral health.

The two fields may be separate, but they’re complementary. If you have an existing referral relationship with a dentist in your community, the occasional tooth tip will give you a terrific opportunity to plug them and their services. Patients who have a rapport with you are more likely to pay them a visit and vice versa.

With Good Orthodontist Marketing, Even Familiar Topics Can Be Unique

Remember, even if other orthodontists have posted about a subject before, your take can still be valuable to your followers. Hire a marketing agency and you’ll have all the help you need to communicate your message and win greater loyalty from your customers.

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