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4 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Responsive

The interaction between your clients and your website is essential when it comes to growing your business and bringing in potential customers. While maintaining a strong presence on the Internet remains necessary, the overall experience a visitor has with a website is just as, if not more important. We like to say that your website is the most important real-estate you can invest in today, so why aren’t you?
The experience for your customer must be fluid. When someone visits your website, do they find themselves leaving because it doesn’t completely fit on their viewing screen? They, like many other users, do not want to deal with continually changing the shape of the viewing window just to see all of the presented content. Even if your website appears correctly on their desktop, chances are it is not going to look correct on a smart phone or tablet.

There are dozens of different Internet browsers running on thousands of different devices and crafting one website to work everywhere once proved to be incredibly difficult. However, this no longer is an issue, thanks to the features of a responsive web design. The responsive website adapts itself to the configuration of any browser and viewing space, so visitors no longer have alter their screens to fit the website, the website alters itself to fit my screen. We put together four reasons why your website should be responsive, enjoy!

Visitors Are Missing Information
When a viewer has to continually scroll back and forth in order to view information, chances are they are going to miss something, which in turn prevents them from grasping everything your small business website has to offer. With responsive website design, this no longer is an issue at all. A responsive website is going to showcase everything correctly so a visitor won’t miss a thing.

Consumers View Websites Anywhere, On Everything
Today, your website can be accessed on dozens of different kinds of devices. From smart phones to tablets, computers to televisions, and even cars now, the internet is available anywhere and everywhere. Most businesses didn’t begin building their websites with that in mind and have suffered as a result. With responsive web design, this is no longer a problem as the website appears accurate and maintains its overall design across all spectrum’s of Internet connecting devices, including TV’s!

Attention Spans Are Short
This day and age, attention spans are extremely short. Vine, the world’s latest fastest growing social network, has amassed success from it’s 7-second video clip platform. When someone visits your small business website from their phone or tablet, if they have to continually alter the viewing display, just to see the available services and products, there is a chance they will just give up and take their business elsewhere. A responsive website design corrects this problem and ensures a visitor always has the ability to see everything they need to when shopping. This reduces the total number of sales lost due to poor website design or the failure to see certain product information.

With New Technology, It’s Become Cost Effective
Traditionally, a small business had to design their website with multiple variations that would load according to the device it was being displayed on. This would not only cost more time but more money as well. Responsive website design no longer requires a business to do this as it simply readjusts itself appropriately. This way, a small business no longer must pay for the multiple website designs as the single website ensures no matter where a viewer is located or what they are using, the website will load correctly and always provide the very best display and visibility.

Our team is committed to capturing your brand perfectly on all devices, big and small! Check out some of our website design services, they all come with a responsive website design. We’re looking forward to meeting you soon!

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