4 Reasons Why Multiple Formats for Content Marketing is Vital

You probably think you know your target audience fairly well. You think you understand who they are and what kind of content they want. It’s an easy assumption to make, especially if you’ve been in business for a while. Even if you have a comprehensive understanding of your audience, it’s still important to present content in a variety of formats.
Regardless of what you think you know about your customers, people consume content in different formats for different purposes. The more formats you utilize properly, the more potential customers you will reach. As you develop a content marketing strategy, make sure you are using blog posts, PowerPoints, and animated video.

Here are some important reasons why using multiple formats is vital for your content marketing initiatives:

Increase Brand Loyalty and Awareness
Interesting, helpful, quality blog content is the pillar of any worthwhile content marketing campaign.While content marketing in the form of blogging is nothing new, it remains one of the most effective forms of marketing your business can utilize. Regularly posting quality blog posts is a good starting point for new businesses or for businesses that don’t have the resources to use other mediums. According to UK consulting firm Content+, company sites with blogs receive 55% more visitors than those that do not. Quality blog content not only drives traffic to your site, it also instills brand confidence, loyalty, and awareness.

Maximize Reach
Using multiple formats can help your business connect with more consumers than using just one media type. One way to maximize your reach with these formats is to use third party services to increase visibility. While salespeople once played the role of educating and informing consumers, many people now seek out this information online. Each month, SlideShare has over 120 million page views! With the right content, this could be an incredibly powerful tool for sharing your PowerPoints. YouTube now reaches 1 billion users each month, so it is an even more powerful distribution channel that can be used for animated video. Regardless of which methods you use to maximize your reach, make sure you properly cross promote these efforts through social media and email. Offering multiple points of access to your content is almost as important as using multiple formats.

Reuse and Recycle
Another important reason to use multiple formats in your content marketing is that you can reuse content in new and different ways. Reusing content is a smart concept, especially for businesses on a budget. You can take information from your most popular blog posts and transform the main points into a video or PowerPoint. You may also want to incorporate previous video content into a relevant blog post or presentation. Remember that recycled content should still be high quality content. Think about how you can update and reuse content in order to reach a new audience or meet a different need. If you decide to reuse content, make sure you do so thoughtfully. Don’t start recycling old content just to have something to post.

Meet Different Needs
Different content types appeal to different audiences and needs. Blog posts are one of the best outlets for informational content. PowerPoints can help customers understand products or find solutions to specific problems. Animated video is a popular and effective medium that boasts high visibility and influence. Short animated videos are a great way to supplement your content marketing by giving your business a platform for offering up valuable information every month. Each of these types of content serves a different purpose. Make sure you consider the purpose of your content when determining the format type.

Using one form of content is typically not a very effective use of your time and resources. If you want to see results, you should be using blog posts, animated video, and PowerPoint presentations in your marketing efforts. When creating your content marketing strategy, consider how these formats can be used for different purposes and different audiences. These strategies require more time and effort, but the results are definitely worth it.

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