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4 Powerful Testing Tools for Optimal Website Performance

It’s certainly no secret that the way your website will serve your business will evolve over time, both for the targeted consumer and your company. While there’s no magic formula for how often you should update your website design, a good rule of thumb is to re-evaluate your existing design’s performance on an annual basis at a minimum.
Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert in website design to determine if your website is working for your business or not. There are a number of affordable resources available that can help you to test the current performance of your website design and identify areas that need immediate improvement.

If you are committed to delivering an optimal user experience to your customers via your website, here are 4 powerful testing tools that can help to ensure that your website is driving the best results for your business:

1. CrazyEgg
Want to gain a better understanding of how users are interacting on your website and what’s making them leave? CrazyEgg uses heat mapping software to identify which pages on your website are helping with conversions and which elements of website design are turning people off.

For example, CrazyEgg will examine how far down your users are scrolling on a webpage for better content placement. This tool will also help you identify where your clicks are coming from (social media, Google search, etc) to help you to focus your efforts in those areas.

CrazyEgg offers 4 different packages for your business to choose from, ranging from $9 a month to $99.

2. Loop11
This tool will allow you to create custom usability tests for your website design (no css or html knowledge required). You can create a theme that matches your website and assign various user tasks and objectives. Loop11 then allows you to invite participants to complete your test and find out what is working on your website and what isn’t.

There are several pricing options available for this testing tool, starting at $158 a month for micro business.

3. Mouseflow
Wondering if your missing out on opportunities to use your website to convert? Mouseflow can deliver some powerful analytical information to your business by examining how a visitor is using his mouse to move, scroll, click, and complete forms on your website. Mouseflow will compile this information to identify trends and patterns with how visitors move through your website. When you’re armed with this information, you can redesign your website for more meaningful interactions.

Pricing for this tool begins at just $19 per month and can increase depending on the number of recording sessions that you want or need.

4. Attensee
The attention spans of today’s consumers are increasingly becoming shorter, which is why it’s absolutely critical that you understand which types of content will hold your audience’s attention. Attensee can identify this for you by tracking how the content on your website is performing and delivering powerful analytical data to help you re-work the types of content that you share.

While the concept of “eye tracking” is typically expensive, the price for Attensee is just $49 per month.

Your website is your business’s face on the internet, so you’ll want to put your best foot forward. Give these tools a try to ensure that your website is working for your business and conversion goals.

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