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4 Opportunities Your Business Is Missing On Facebook

Just when you think you have mastered small business social media marketing, another new innovation comes along and bam–you’re back to square one. The truth is many small businesses are only covering the basics when it comes to their Facebook presence. While it’s nice to have a profile and a collection of fans, you could be doing much more with Facebook.
Here are four opportunities your business might be missing on Facebook:

Respond to Your Customers
Your Facebook page is not merely a place to post promotions or make announcements. Your Facebook page should also be a place to nurture conversation. I cannot stress enough the importance of being responsive to your customers in social media outlets. With 23% of users checking their Facebook at least five times a day, you can’t afford to be unresponsive. Facebook users are expecting quick, if not immediate feedback. Whether you are responding to comments or questions or addressing concerns or complaints, this needs to be done in a timely and consistent manner. Handling your customers needs and concerns as they arise will help keep your fans satisfied and coming back for more.

Be Shareable and Buzzworthy
One of the worst and most common mistakes small businesses make when implementing a social media campaign is passivity. Your small business social media marketing campaign should create an interactive experience for consumers. Your content should be engaging, enjoyable, and interesting to customers. In other words, content should be shareable. As you create a social media strategy, ask yourself: Is this content exciting to my fans? Would they like it? Would they share it? Content that is shareable will help to spread your brand and create more leads. The more buzz you create around your Facebook page, the more successful it will be.

Complete Your Profile
Be sure your Facebook profile is complete. This may seem like an obvious tip, but many small businesses simply fail to do it. If a customer’s first experience is on your Facebook profile, they should be able to find everything they need in order to get in touch with you and learn more about your products or services. Any contact information that is on your webpage should also be available on your Facebook profile. A complete profile should include: the proper company category, all relevant contact information, a company logo that matches the logo on your website, vital information such as hours of operation and geographic location, and links to any other social media outlets.

Create Custom Tabs
A little customization can go a long way when it comes to your Facebook page. Tabs are one great way for small businesses to customize their Facebook profile and interact with fans. Facebook offers plenty of free apps that can be used with these custom tabs and there are lots of great third-party tools such as ShortStack that help manage contests and promotions. Use them to feature special deals for fans, showcase Instagram photos, share success stories, or offer sign-up forms for special promotions–anything that will help to connect with your customers.

Keep in mind that 74% of consumers rely on social networks to help them make purchasing decisions. This means that every move you make in your social media marketing makes a huge difference.Yes, it takes time to create an effective small business social media marketing strategy, but it is well-worth the results. If you go to the trouble of creating a Facebook page, you might as well go the extra mile to make it work for your small business.

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