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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Re-Working Your Website Design

Considering all of the potential that an update to your website design can offer to your business, it’s easy to want to jump right in.

However, you should really approach a re-design of your website just like you would a remodel of your home. Updating your website is much more than just introducing some bright new colors to the design. Instead, you need to think about all of the components that will make up your new website design. So, before you get started, take a step back and consider the functionality that you really need from your website.

Another reason to think things through before getting started with your website design is that it can help you to avoid a number of mistakes along the way. Here are 4 of the most common mistakes that businesses make when redesigning their websites:

1. Diving in head first without a strategy.
You won’t be happy with the outcome of your website if you don’t have a strategy in place before you get started with your redesign.

First, set goals for your website design using the SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound) approach.

As an example, let’s say that you want to increase the amount of leads that your website is generating by 25 percent next quarter. To accomplish this, you would need your website to include more CTAs and landing pages with forms to collect contact info from visitors. If you didn’t have this clearly defined goal at the start of your website redesign, you probably wouldn’t be getting these results from your website.

2. Not updating the content on your website.
Many businesses make the mistake by keeping the same old content on their website with a redesign.

There may be aspects of your redesign that would make this content not positively contribute to your business, such as if your new website places more emphasis on illustrations and graphics. In this scenario, having too much of your old text could junk up your website.

You may also find that certain types and formats of content resonate with your audience better than others. If you have content on your website that is not making an impact with your audience, don’t include it in your redesign.

3. Neglecting to look at analytics when determining which updates to your website are needed.
Do you know what is working particularly with your current website and which areas need immediate improvement? If not, you need to be looking at the analytics of your website.

If you ignore analytics when redesigning your website, you could be missing out on opportunities to boost your conversion rate. Take advantage of analytics to find out what you’re doing right and identify ways that you could design your website to work better for your business.

4. Thinking you can handle the website redesign on your own.
In today’s highly digital world, your website is one of your most valuable assets. As your business continues to grow, do you think you are the most qualified person to handle your own website redesign?

Know your options by talking to a web development specialist to discover ways that you can enhance your website and allow it to positively contribute to your customer experience and your company’s bottom line.

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