4 Highly Effective Email Marketing Campaigns for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

While it’s hard to believe, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just a few weeks away!

Given the enormous surge in sales that these two retail “holidays” can bring your business, it’s time to get cracking now with email marketing strategies to help you get the most from these two critical days and finish the year strong.

With that being said, here are 4 highly effective email marketing strategies to help you drive Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales:

1. Give the VIP treatment.
Hopefully, you have identified who your biggest spenders are in your customer base. These people will most likely be reading your emails throughout the year, and the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are the perfect opportunity to give back to these loyal customers (and encourage them to spend a little more too).

You can give them the VIP treatment by sending out a one-time email to these identified top customers that gives them early access to the sales. Consider using a promotion code with this offer that will help you to easily identify the revenue generated specifically from this VIP email campaign.

2. Encourage Shoppers to Get a Gift for Themselves.
While most people use Black Friday and Cyber Monday as opportunities to score deep discounts on gifts for friends and family, don’t forget about the large portion of consumers that are also shopping for themselves. An email marketing campaign that can help you to really capitalize on this is one that encourages shoppers to create wish lists for themselves on your website. This powerful information will also arm you with valuable data to be able to send out a “what’s left on your wish list” marketing email after these retail holidays have passed.

3. Embrace Time Sensitive Offers.
Today’s consumers are highly motivated by time-sensitive offers. Sending out an email that incorporates a few different deals with short timeframes can help push shoppers over the edge to make a purchase. For an extra touch, consider adding a countdown clock to this marketing email, which can help to foster a sense of urgency.

4. Bring Out Your Customer’s Competitive Spirit
If you want to stand out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, find a way to bring out your customer’s competitive spirit in your marketing emails. Some ideas to do this include incorporating a game, quiz, or surprise element into your email. For example, you could send out a surprise discount email using a subject line such as “Mystery Discount: Up to $50 Off Your $50 Purchase.” Pretty intriguing, and you can bet that your customers are going to want to open that email up.

With email marketing playing such an important role in driving holiday sales, you owe it to yourself to consider your options so that you’re prepared to dominate Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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