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4 Formatting Tips to Dramatically Improve Blog Writing

When it comes to creating a compelling blog post, the writing is just one part of the equation. An equally critical aspect to the success of your blog post is its formatting.
If you’re like 77 percent of online consumers, you read blogs to help you research products and services. Undoubtedly, you’ve read many blog posts over the years. Some of the posts have resonated more with you than others. And, whether you realized it or not, the formatting of these posts played a big role in making the writing appealing to you.

To be successful with blog writing, you need to realize that your audience is easily distracted. Giving readers a wall of text is too daunting.

A benefit to using WordPress as your blog writing platform is how easy it is to format the text to help readers digest your content.

Here are four formatting tips to dramatically improve blog writing:

1. Keep Paragraphs Short.
The more white space your blog post has, the easier it will be for your readers to digest the content. Limit your paragraphs to four or five lines.

The way that consumers digest content today is very different than 10 years ago. Instead of print media being king, online publications have become the preferred choice.

When reading blog posts, your audience is easily distracted by a multitude of ads and popup notifications. You have the best chance to maintain your audience’s attention by keeping your paragraphs short.

2. Use Subheadings.
Most consumers will skim an article before they determine if it’s worth reading. Using subheadings to break your content into subsections will appeal to the skimmers and also make your blog writing more legible.

As a best practice, think of the subheadings that you want to use when planning your blog post. This will help you to maintain good structure throughout your blog post.

When writing subheadings, capitalize all major words. If you’re using WordPress, make your subheadings stand out by selecting “Header 2” from the “Paragraph” dropdown box.

3. Emphasize Key Points with Bold Text.
Use bold text to call attention to a key point. Instead of just bolding one word, highlight an entire sentence. Good blog writing usually has one or two bold sentences per subheading.

Some of the best bloggers bold the first sentence of each paragraph. Bolding the sentence in the middle of a paragraph may look odd in formatting.

4. Take Advantage of Lists and Bullet Points.
For some, it may come natural to include a list in a sentence. However, if your list includes more than two items, you’re better off using a list and bullet point format.

Creating a list in WordPress is easy. Begin by writing your text in a list format. Then highlight the entire list and click the “Unordered List” icon. This will create an aesthetically-appealing list with bullet points.

If you would prefer to create a list with numbers, follow the same steps, but click the “Ordered List” icon.

As you can see, these formatting tips are not rocket science, but will help to dramatically improve your blog writing. The key is to make your posts more readable to today’s easily distracted consumer, and the formatting of your posts plays an integral role.

Challenge yourself to look back at your three most recent blog posts and revamp them by incorporating some of the formatting tips outlined above. Do our tips help to improve the performance of your posts?

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