4 Content Creation Tips That Drive Conversions

With so many businesses competing to earn your audience’s attention online, you must be strategic with content creation. Quality content needs to play the leading role in your digital marketing strategy.
If you’re not getting results from your online marketing efforts, take a look at the quality of content that you’re producing. If the content is mediocre at best, you’re not going to get results.

Here are four content creation tips that involve a mix of traditional writing and modern SEO tactics that will help you earn more conversions:

1. Start with an attention grabber.
When you write a blog post, you have less than a minute to earn your audience’s attention. The average consumer has an attention span that is shorter than that of a goldfish, so you need to open your first paragraph with an attention grabber. Ask a question, ideally one that your audience is typing into a search query.

Writing a strong headline that peaks the attention of readers is equally as important. Most people skim content, and your headlines will give them a good idea as to if your content is worth reading. Research indicates that a headline that includes a colon and useful supporting detail is most effective in grabbing a reader’s attention.

2. Write for people.
Many marketers have the misconception that content needs to be written to appeal to search engines. While you want your content to be search engine friendly, your number one priority needs to be writing value-added content for people. Address your audience directly and provide answers to questions that they have. Use emotions to further connect with readers and demonstrate a sense of urgency.

3. Conduct research.
81 percent of consumers are turning to the internet to research products and services before making a purchase decision. In order to offer your readers value in the content that you create, you need to do your homework and serve them with the facts. Statistics will resonate with your audience and will prevent your content from being perceived as vague.

The more “meaty” your articles are (1,000 words or more), the more likely they are to be shared by readers. Longer articles provide you with more opportunities to demonstrate your knowledge and utilize as many targeted keyword variations as possible.

4. Include calls-to-action.
It’s surprising the number of businesses that neglect to incorporate calls to action into their content creation strategies. You need to have clear calls-to-action on all of the landing pages on your website. A best practice is to use a different color text to highlight your call-to-action. The more clear you are with your call-to-action, the more likely a prospective customer will follow through with your request to take action.

The days of getting results from writing mediocre content around a targeted keyword are long gone. Content is king now more than ever, which is why you must constantly tweak your content creation strategy to provide your audience with authoritative, high-quality content that offers real value.

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