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3 Website Design Trends to Avoid

As a cutting-edge business owner that understands that powerful impact that your website can have in generating new leads, you like to stay informed about the latest website design trends. However, just because a website design feature is trendy doesn’t make it ideal for your business.
Here are 3 website design trends for 2016 that you may want to think twice about before incorporating them into your own website:

1. Hiding everything on your website under a hamburger menu.
With so many consumers now using their mobile devices to browse the internet, the concept of simplifying navigation by hiding everything under a “hamburger menu” has quickly gained popularity.

If you look at the top corner of most of today’s mobile websites, you’ll probably find a hamburger menu, which is symbolized by three lines stacked together that roughly form the shape of a hamburger. This discrete website design feature offers mobile users a website menu without taking up too much room.

While a hamburger menu can be useful in keeping a website uncluttered, it offers a huge drawback in that it can decrease user engagement and conversion rates on your website. If people can’t see the content in front of them, the “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy is often embraced.

PS – We’re testing this ourselves with the hamburger menu on our own website.

2. Using front-page carousels.
In an effort to be aesthetically-pleasing and reduce clutter, many websites are using front-page carousels. However, because this website design feature has become so popular, it also can make websites that include a front-page carousel appear to be very cookie-cutter.

There are some other convincing reasons to avoid using carousels in website design, including the negative impact they can have on SEO and overall performance of the website. Because carousels typically use high-resolution images, they can slow down the load-time of a webpage considerably. Also, while the appeal of carousels is certainly the clutter-free design, the lack of content on the front-page makes it difficult for search engines to determine the relevance of your website.

3. Including complex typography on your website.
Many businesses are becoming passionate about typography these days and are incorporating multiple typefaces into their website design. However, when you have too many different versions of typefaces going on in website design, it can lead to a confusing and cluttered website.

As a best practice, it’s a good idea to limit yourself to two kinds of typefaces in website design. However, if you simply can’t help yourself and want to use more than two, consider using fonts from the same family as they will work better together.

When it comes to website design, it’s always important to make the user your top priority. Be sure to carefully consider how different website design features will impact the usability of your website before choosing to embrace one of the latest trends.

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