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3 Ways Service-Based Industries Benefit From an Agency-Driven Marketing Strategy

Service businesses are complex – not only for you but for your customers.

Even when they’re looking for a specialized local business, potential customers usually have a half-dozen options to choose from. Most of them won’t make a snap decision, either. With all the information they have at their fingertips, they control the tempo of the buying process.

Here’s how agency-driven marketing strategy supports your growth at every step.

1. Agency-Driven Marketing Pre-Paves the Way to Trust with New Customers

Today’s digital-savvy customers like to compare their options. Sure, they’ll look at your website, but they also check your competitors. A modern, professional marketing strategy is vital to catching attention, making a powerful first impression, and building a relationship that leads to a sale.

Nearly none of your customers visit their options in person before they choose. That means digital marketing assets like introductory videos need to bridge the gap. Video storytelling enables website visitors to meet you and your team before they ever call you or set foot in your office.

The most immersive and compelling marketing content, including video, requires the expert touch of a Central Florida marketing agency. Don’t settle for grainy smartphone video when you need to make a first impression: Let your marketing team handle the details and help you put your best foot forward.

Once the engagement is over, your marketing keeps relationships alive with your growing base of customers. Your agency can develop helpful, informative blog content and use email marketing to deepen brand affinity, making you the option of their choosing the next time a customer is in the market.

2. Agency-Driven Marketing Keeps You from Falling into the Commodity Trap

If there are plenty of businesses like yours in the local area, you may all be facing the same issue: A race to the bottom with cheaper and cheaper prices. Not only does this lead to sluggish growth, but it can also even attract customers who are harder to work with, nickel and diming you over every decision.

When newcomers enter an industry, they often price by looking at what the competition is doing and promising to do more for less (about 10% less on average). This means that, without establishing your value from the very beginning, you will be in a mad dash to slash your profit margins.

An agency-driven marketing strategy reverses the trend in the only way that works: By positioning you as an expert who is highly in demand and has unique value to offer. This is effective in any industry, but it requires polished, comprehensive marketing that can only come from an agency.

When your marketing clearly communicates what makes you different, you are no longer struggling to be heard over dozens of others. You are now in a market of one, and the most discerning customers – with the most disposable income – have to choose between you or “all the rest.”

That will flip the script and boost your company’s long-term prospects.

3. Agency-Driven Marketing Offers Compounding Results to Scale Your Business

When you hire an agency, you are getting the experience, skills, tools, and proven results of a complete marketing team at a fraction of the cost – far less than it takes to recruit one in-house marketing leader. We crunched the numbers and found hiring a Central Florida marketing agency is just good business.

It means 5x the work at 10x the quality for half the cost.

On average, you’ll pay half as much to retain a Central Florida marketing agency as you would bringing in an in-house marketing director. This cuts overhead and keeps more of your cash in the game, but that’s only part of the story.

A good Central Florida marketing agency proves its value each and every month.

Yes, it takes about three months for marketing to start gaining traction. After that point, however, your agency partner should be able to show clear results, trending in the right direction month after month.

Each marketing asset you create has the opportunity to bring you more online traffic and entice more of that traffic to convert… not just now, but for years to come.

Don’t Go It Alone – Choose a Central Florida Marketing Agency Service Businesses Trust

Your plate is full running and guiding your business. You didn’t launch a company so you could spend all your time on social media, and you shouldn’t have to. New York Ave works with you to understand your goals and build a marketing strategy that consistently moves you toward them.

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Need marketing? Get 5x the work at 10x the quality, for 1/2 the cost with an agency.

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