3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On LinkedIn

Many people still have the misconception that LinkedIn is a social media tool just for jobseekers and recruiters. While it is a great resource for connecting those interested in making a job change with prospective employers, LinkedIn can do so much more for your business. Think of it as the perfect platform for telling the backstory of your business with the potential to connect and engage with over 175 million professionals.
Your business can greatly benefit from having an active presence on LinkedIn, whether you sell directly to consumers or are a B2B business. Here are 3 of our strongest arguments as to why LinkedIn needs to be a part of your brand’s social media strategy:

Expanded Talent Pool
We all know that good employees are hard to come by, and it’s likely that the resumes of some of the best people that you’ve hired over the years didn’t simply appear on your desk. Did you know that 64 percent of businesses in a recent survey indicated that they are using social media channels liked LinkedIn to find job candidates?

Creating a LinkedIn profile for your business is a much more economical solution for finding new talent versus partnering with an external recruiter or taking part in a job fair. The social media site can enhance your search for prospective candidates by offering the ability to sift through the talent pool using certain titles, keywords, geographic area, level of education, and much more.

Even if you’re not actively looking for new talent, using LinkedIn regularly to make new connections, participate in group conversations, and share valuable and relevant information can help to give your brand great exposure. Using this social media site to position yourself as an industry leader can make you very attractive to an extensive talent pool.

Professional Connections
Yes, you can connect with your vendors, employees, and customers on sites like Facebook and Twitter, but doing so on LinkedIn focuses more on the professional part of your relationship. When successful business owners meet people at a networking function or other meeting, they follow up by connecting on LinkedIn. For some reason, following up by requesting a connection on a site like Facebook just does not seem as professional.

The “People You May Know” feature is a powerful way to build your connections with other peers and leaders in your industry. Take advantage of this tool to grow your connections, and make a point of requesting a LinkedIn connection every time you meet a peer, colleague, or industry influencer.

Credible Validation
Have you ever searched for a business on LinkedIn and were not able to find a profile? It probably didn’t make you feel too good about the business, did it? Equally as bad is searching for a business on LinkedIn and finding that it has an incomplete profile and less than 10 connections.

Take the time to build a quality LinkedIn profile for your business, making sure the title of your profile describes exactly what your company does. You want to allow your LinkedIn profile to help with search engine optimization, because you never know who might be searching for your business, experts in your field, employment opportunities, and much more.

These are just a few of the benefits that LinkedIn can provide to your business. If you haven’t had a chance to create a LinkedIn profile for your business yet, we highly encourage you to do so. Also, be sure to connect with New York Ave on LinkedIn for additional small business tips.

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