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3 Reasons Why Being OCD About Your Brand Is Good for Business

If it drives you nuts if a few crumbs are left on the countertop or if a drawer is not completely closed, you’re probably OCD. If your spouse is the complete opposite and is not highly detail-oriented, you could see how being OCD could cause some friction at home. At the office, however, being OCD about your brand can actually be a good thing for your business.
Branding could be the single most important aspect of your business. When done correctly, a solid branding strategy should convey uniformity, quality, credibility, and experience. We can all think of brands that do this well – Coca-Cola, Nike, and Apple just to name a few. One of the reasons why these brands have been so successful is because they are extremely thorough with their branding. In fact, some might suggest that they are all very “OCD” about their brands.

Here’s 3 reasons why it doesn’t hurt to be OCD about your brand:

Your logo will always look great.
Your audience will look to your logo to identify and connect with your brand, and if something is inconsistent about your logo or it simply doesn’t look right, your brand will quickly lose credibility. Being extremely detail-oriented can help to minimize common mistakes like losing the logo’s proportions when resizing it, causing the image to become blurry when scaling it upward, and crowding it with other content.

Fonts will match.
If you are a wealth management firm, for example, you will need to be extremely professional with how you approach your branding. Therefore, it would be very inappropriate and not consistent with your brand to send out marketing materials using a more casual, childlike font (Comic Sans anyone?). Someone that is OCD about every aspect of his or her brand would make sure that the fonts used in everything from your website to your marketing materials matched.

Colors will be spot on.
The colors you choose to brand your business with will make a lasting impression on your audience. Color helps to create a memorable brand identity (think of red for Coca-Cola or green for Starbucks). This is why it’s important to consider the psychological connotations associated behind the meanings of the colors that you choose. Making that choice is difficult enough, sticking with it shouldn’t be. If you’re OCD, this won’t be a problem because you’ll know exactly what colors to use and where.

So if you’re feeling like your OCD tendencies may be a bad quality, think again. When it comes to your branding, being extremely detail-oriented and triple checking every piece of marketing material before it leaves your desk can be very advantageous for your business.

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