3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Building a Custom Web App for Your Business

Businesses that have embraced web app development have been able to take their online presence to an entirely new level, allowing them to more effectively interact with customers and improve the user experience.

However, web app development can prove to be just as beneficial to your business internally, too. In fact, custom web development can be used to organize your business from the ground up, making it easier to track and manage business operations.

The prospect of creating an internal web app for your business can be daunting, so we wanted to share 3 key questions that you should think about to help you create an app that best serves your business’s needs:

1. What particular business problem do you need to solve?
An issue that many businesses deal with is how to effectively handle client management.

There’s likely a number of moving parts to your organization, meaning that clients may have interactions with people from various departments within your organization. If you don’t have an internal client management app in place that will allow everyone within your organization to see these communications, it can be challenging to deliver a superior client experience. It can also cause you to miss out on opportunities for moving leads through your sales funnel.

Other common internal issues that could be corrected with web app development include job scheduling, order entering, accounting, and the sales process.

Bottom line, you need to have a clearly defined reason for creating an app for your business.

2. What functionalities matter most to your employees in their day-to-day workflow?
A great way to find out what functionalities your employees need most and the type of interface that they are comfortable with is to conduct a focus group. After all, your goal with web app development is to make your employees’ lives easier, which will ultimately lead to a more efficiently run business.

For example, you may learn that employees would like to be able to access client contact information from a mobile device while on the road. Other employees may be focused on getting an app that integrates with data. You really won’t understand which functionality needs matter most until you talk to your employees.

3. Who should build the app?
Some businesses feel that they are capable of building the app in-house; however, it makes sense for most small organizations to outsource web app development as it provides a cost-effective solution to “get it right” the first time.

Creating an app for your business that solves an internal issue and allows employees to be more productive can be incredibly exciting. It allows you to arm your employees with technology in innovative and useful ways, which will ultimately yield a more productive workplace. By taking the time to address these 3 questions, you’ll be well on your way to custom app development that best suits your business’s needs.

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