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3 Ideas for Creating A Year’s Worth Of Media Content

Modern content marketing revolves around media. Plain text just doesn’t cut it.

Media content is both more memorable and easier to navigate than text alone. People are more likely to watch it, comment on it, and take action on what it says. But even in today’s world of amazing software tools, good media content still takes time and care. It only happens by design.

When you see how multimedia energizes your content marketing, you’ll know it’s worth the effort. The trouble is, that effort comes first. As a marketing agency with deep expertise in video storytelling, New York Ave understands how to make things a little bit easier without compromising on quality.

With a touch of forethought, you can create a year’s worth of media content in days.

How, you ask? Let’s take a peek behind the curtain at some winning strategies:

1. Do a Stock Photoshoot – and Don’t Forget to Collect Some “B-Roll”

Stock photos and short video clips appear in just about any content you can name, from social media to blog posts to email marketing campaigns. They can even show up in future video marketing commercials – or on your brand’s YouTube and Vimeo channels. Devote a day to it and get started!

Stock footage should include shots of your staff members, offices, equipment, and anything you find fun or exciting about your community. Of course, if your works feature other people, you often need to get permission. General shots of nature or crowd scenes are usually okay as-is.

“B-roll” refers to any kind of supplemental footage you pick up along the way. Some of it just might be useless, like that accidental shot of your shoes that goes on for five minutes. But you never know what kind of use it could be put to in the future, so don’t be quick to delete the odd and unusual.

2. Shoot 20 “Question and Answer” Videos, Each One Under 90 Seconds

Video content sticks in people’s heads better than static content, but that doesn’t mean you can drone on and on forever. The shorter your content, the more likely it is viewers will watch it from end to end. When their attention is fresh, your most important messages stay top of mind (where they belong.)

No matter your industry, it’s likely you get some very familiar questions over and over. Save time for yourself and customers alike by turning these into snappy Q&A videos. For best results, this content should be geared toward people still early in their decision-making process.

If you already have a text-based Q&A database, liven it up with your videos so nobody has to read quite so much. If you use an AI chatbot to answer questions, update it so it knows when to direct queries to those videos. You can also use them in your regular social media posts and within your sales collateral.

3. Capture Customer Testimonials “Point and Shoot” Style

Social proof is anything that demonstrates to your future customers that others “just like them” solved their problems thanks to you and your brand. Of all the different kinds of social proof out there, none is more powerful than a video customer testimonial. It beats old-fashioned text testimonials by a mile.

Video testimonials are easy to create: Simply recruit a customer for a testimonial, set up a nice, well-lit environment where you won’t be disturbed, and capture their responses to your questions. Remember, it’s always wise to have a written release form covering everyone who appears in your testimonials.

These testimonials are highly versatile and can become a cornerstone of your content marketing. They have the most influence on those mid-way through their decision-making process, also called validation. In an ideal world, you’d have at least one video testimonial matching each buyer persona you serve.

New York Ave Helps You Tell Your Brand’s Unique Story with Compelling Video Content

We know: Lots of small and mid-sized businesses don’t jump into video marketing because the barriers to entry seem so high. There’s a time and place for grainy smartphone videos with a “behind the scenes” feel, but what if your authentic voice calls for something with a little more polish?

Whatever reflects your brand’s values, New York Ave is the marketing agency that can help you make it a reality. Our media team will work with you to generate content that brings you more customers and turns them into enthusiastic brand supporters.

Contact us to find out more or get started with content marketing that makes a difference.

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